ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Valentine’s Day is this Friday.  Men, do you have your gift shopping done?  If not, here are some fool proof gift ideas:


#10:  Fruit dipped in chocolate.  This is an update to the old standby of buying your gal a big heart shaped box of chocolates.  Many women these days will turn their noses up at a box of chocolates or a tub of fudge, because they are watching their weight and/or their cholesterol levels.  But fruit is healthy, and enough of an excuse to scarf up the chocolate that they really want, but don’t want to admit to.

#9:  Gift Certificate to a Spa/Massage.  Women love this gift, since it gives them a day of indulgence (you did spend enough for a whole day, right?) although working women will sometimes have trouble finding the time to take a whole day for themselves.

#8:  Breakfast in Bed.  Ideal for the young couple who haven’t started a family yet.  Not every gift has to be about spending lots of money.  This gift allows you to show off your cooking chops (if you have them), and shows what a great husband and father you will make some day.  Time and attention says “I love you.”  Presentation is key:  Invest in a premium breakfast tray, nice china (no mismatching plastic dinnerware!) and something fancy as a centerpiece, like an egg quiche.  Don’t forget a long stem rose on the side!


#7:  Flowers.  A reliable standby, especially if you go to a skilled florist.  Buying roses means you are falling into the holiday marketing trap, but so what?  This is a gift you should at least give once in a relationship.  Delivery to your Gal’s workplace gives her some bragging rights (and looks of envy) from co-workers.  Alas, flowers are rather fleeting, and more practical women may view flowers as wasteful.

#6:  Photo Portraits.  Are you becoming a serious couple?  Take a photo portrait together.  It is a snapshot of who you are and your relationship that both makes and preserves memories.  It’s something that you can keep in your wallet, or hang on your wall.  Some studios offer costumes for cosplay.  Have fun with it!   


#5:  Jewelry.  One of the more expensive gifts you can give, this could be anything from gold earrings to a diamond engagement ring, and everything in between:  necklaces, bracelets, chokers, pins, etc.  Whatever you do pick, make it meaningful.

#4:  Clothes.  This is not the gift idea for the Everyman.  But, if you know your Gal’s tastes in clothing well enough, you can definitely impress your Gal with your worldly acumen and confidence.  Knowing her clothes size beforehand will save you the hassle of having to make a merchandize return later.  Skirts, tops, and jackets are recommended.  Avoid gauche gifts to yourself of gaudy lingerie.  Never, ever, try to buy a woman shoes.  Shoes are something women prefer to do themselves.

#3:  Art.  Oil paintings or tasteful prints of places you have visited together are a unique gift idea.  Or maybe something that she really liked in an Art Gallery.  Just remember that the biggest expense with paintings is in the framing.  Wood carvings of things she likes are another idea; perhaps of animals or landmarks.  This is a very flexible gift category in terms of size and price.

#2:  A Broadway Show.  Even if you don’t live anywhere near New York City, there are local playhouses that put on live performances of plays and musicals all over the country.  Live performances are more than merely going out to see a show:  They are an Event!

#1:  Weekend Getaway for two.  One of the best gifts you can give, if you have the time and the opportunity.  This is definitely a gift you won’t be giving once you have children, so enjoy it while you can.  Remember Location, Location, Location!  A Bed & Breakfast in a picturesque setting is ideal.  Quality lodgings are the key here, this is not the time for the budget motel.

What NOT to do for Valentine’s Day:  Don’t go out for a dinner and a movie.  Besides being a mundane date, February is a terrible time of the year for movies, unless your Gal is really dying to go see Dead Pool.  But most important of all, the weekend of Valentine’s Day is the worst time of the year to go out to eat at a restaurant.  Why?  Well, first of all, everyone is doing it, including people who don’t go out to eat a lot.  This results in a total Amateur Hour of rude and inconsiderate patrons who don’t know how to behave.  Chefs are prone to dumb down their menu to various fixed price offerings at sky high prices.