VIA| It’s in the midst of difficulty when it’s best to remember the goodness of God and how He has blessed you. It can help turn the bitter experience into something sweet. And for husband and wife country duo Rory and Joey Feek, remembering one of the greatest days of their lives couldn’t come at a more opportune time since Joey has been brought home to be tended by hospice care as she faces what could be the last days of her life barring a miracle.

What were those sweet memories Joey and Rory were recalling? The day their precious daughter Indiana Boon Feek was born just 21 months ago. In this video, Joey and Rory perform an intimate song as you see Joey’s labor process and the first time they meet their new daughter.

On his blog, Rory recounts the experience:

“She was born at home at 12:03 pm with the assistance of a midwife and the birth experience was perfect. She was delivered breech, naturally, with no medical assistance and with myself and our two older daughters Heidi and Hopie by Joey’s side. Joey says that giving birth at home was the single greatest thing she’s ever experienced in her life. A moment later, with Indiana’s first cry, we all cried tears of joy and hugged and celebrated and cried some more.

the birth of Indiana from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

It was discovered a few days after she was born that Indiana has Down Syndrome. Although the news came as a shock, it hasn’t dampened any of the love or joy Rory and Joey have for their daughter.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory Joey and Rory. We are praying for a miracle for you!