Rubio Flames Out During Week Of Mistakes

ELDER PATRIOT – Marco Rubio’s campaign is over.  Despite the best offorts of the folks at Fox News to prop up his candidacy all this is left for Boy Marco is to determine how much more of his supporters’ money he’s prepared to waste before he officially steps aside.

The cause of death for Rubio’s campaign should be listed as suicide.  Marco Rubio’s instincts have repeatedly failed him and that’s not good for anyone who wants to be president where there is often no book of instructions that can be turned to for guidance.

Rubio’s leadership in guiding the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill through Congress has been well documented.  His treatment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council President Chris Crane at the time wasn’t.  Because Rubio refused to treat Chris Crane with the dignity and respect his position deserved, Crane came forward to document it in an interview with on the eve of the South Carolina primary.


Still, he had a chance to make some sort of amends before, and again after, Crane came forward to expose Rubio’s complete disregard for the difficult job our border patrol agents and, as a result of their hands being tied, police departments have in enforcing existing laws and how the “Gand of Eight” bill would only make things worse.  Instead, Rubio attacked the ex-Marine and current ICE agent referring to him as nothing more than a union leader.

Good job Marco!  At a time when Americans are concerned about immigration enforcement and being protected by law enforcement you managed to trash both.

Then there’s Marco’s inability to separate himself from politics as usual in an election year where the establishment is being soundly rejected by rank and file voters from both sides of the political aisle.

Rubio remains busy racking up endorsements from the Republican Party’s establishment politicians, and accepting huge donations from their billionaire donors.  He continues to court both even as the people are expressing outrage at what this ruling class has done to America.   


One by one the endorsing Oligarchs come forward telling us that Boy Marco is the conservative who can unite us so we must rally behind him.  All of this rhetoric must’ve gone to Rubio’s head because Boy Marco attempted to wrap himself with the mantle of “Reagan Conservative.” 

Following anointing himself Reagan’s second coming, the boy genius decided that attending CPAC, the home of Reagan Conservatism and the most visible of any group keeping alive the Reagan Legacy of limited government and American exceptionalism, must conform to his schedule and not the other way around.  His thumb in the eye treatment of conservatives when its location couldn’t have been more accommodating to him is astonishing.


For a candidate who has claimed he is the only one who can unite the party he sure has an odd way of going about it.  When conservatives are no longer the heart and soul of the Republican movement the party ceases to be the party of Reagan.

After this week it’s become clear that the only thing he has in common with the great Ronald Reagan is that Reagan was also once 44.

So while the mainstream media fawn over Rubio’s second place finishes actually calling them second place “wins” the reality is there exists no path to victory for Marco.  The results of last night’s Nevada caucuses were Rubio’s high water mark.  He got 23.9% of the votes only slightly more than half of Donald Trump’s total.  More significantly he has very limited places to find the additional support he needs to challenge Trump.

It’s time to put a fork in Rubio.