Rubio: Super Tuesday Proves He’s The The Anti-Reagan

ELDER PATRIOT – Marco Rubio has been crisscrossing the country claiming he’s the best-qualified candidate to represent the party of Reagan.  The fact is Rubio is nothing like Reagan. 

Reagan was a man of incredibly deep convictions and he had the cajones to stand behind them.  As a result of his policies over one hundred million people were freed from under the foot of Soviet oppression without a shot being fired.  Marco would’ve advanced legislation welcoming them all here instead.

The great irony of last night is Marco Rubio won only one state, Minnesota.  That makes him more of the anti-Reagan than the second coming because in 1984 Reagan won 49 states and only the uber liberal Minnesotans voted for his opponent Walter Mondale.  Remember, this is the state that sent Al Franken to the U.S. Senate.

Somehow this seems appropriate because Rubio’s whole campaign has been more about his ability to attract Democrat voters rather than any desire to win over Republican voters.  His approach hasn’t gone unnoticed by rank and file Republicans as last night’s results prove.  He failed to gain a single delegate in three states bringing the number of states he’s been shut out in to four or 27% of the contested states to date!  The current delegate count is 285 for Trump and 87 for Rubio.


Maybe someone can ask Marco the question; “Hey Marco, who has the big one now?”