Rubio’s Debate Performance Was an Act of Desperation

ELDER PATRIOT – Marco Rubio resorted to old-fashioned attack dog politics last night that clearly illustrated what a lowlife, deceitful and desperate politician he is.

Polls released today confirm that Republican voters understand and reject the attack style campaigning that Marco Rubio employed in all its debasing and deceitful ways during last night’s debate:

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Government sets the rules and the fact that Donald Trump plays by those rules does not make him a hypocrite.  NFL coaches prefer to play ground and pound, ball-control football but the successful ones have adapted to the rule changes and embraced spread offenses and passing attacks.  This does not qualify them as hypocritical but rather as astute strategists and leaders.

So it is with Donald Trump who, like every successful person, understands and plays by the rules that have been set by others (politicians in Trump’s case) lest they lose their competitive edge or risk running afoul of the law.

Let’s start with Trump’s use of foreign workers.  Only a fool, or a politician, would deliberately increase the single most costly expenditure of their enterprise – employee costs – when their competitors are playing by a different set of rules.  Rules, by the way, that Marco Rubio had a big role in crafting at the behest of those who have bought control of him like the Disney Corporation has done. 

That Trump has come out in favor of changing these rules illustrates both his recognition of the problem foreign workers has created for American workers (something Rubio refuses to acknowledge) and his willingness to suffer from the consequences of changing the rules (something that Marco Rubio’s billionaire backers are hoping to avoid with their monetary propping up of Boy Marco and the policies he supports that favor their continued ability to employ foreign workers.)

To those in the know Rubio’s gotcha moment on employing foreign workers was the act of foolish boy, not a serious politician.

What about Rubio’s charge that Trump is a hypocrite because his clothing line is manufactured on the Pacific Rim?  Really, Marco?  Almost no one produces clothing in the United States any longer because of the policies of this government have forced them to move their entire production facilities offshore or alternatively shut down.  If Marco had cared to do his homework he’d have known that deals in this industry are made or rejected over a penny or two in costs per garment.

NAFTA was pretty much the final blow and while Marco had nothing to do with NAFTA he has fully supported the spate of recent alphabet soup trade deals that promise to dwarf NAFTA in fleecing America of jobs and corporations.

Trump’s outspoken opposition to the trade deals that Marco Rubio supports again shows Trump’s recognition of the problems these deals pose to America’s workers and businesses.  Rubio’s position is more of the same just as his donors have paid him to take.

What about Trump’s bankrupt companies?  Here again Boy Marco has shown himself to be a government bureaucrat incapable of embracing the idea of pulling the plug on failed programs.  Trump has had more winners than losers by a wide margin.  His willingness to pull the plug on failed ventures has allowed him to invest his remaining funds where they can do him, and therefore the economy (that means the most workers possible,) the most good.

Marco, on the other hand, has voted to raise the debt limit numerous times, in the process funding every failed or harmful government program in perpetuity.  As a result Marco’s puppet masters get to continue feeding at the government trough without interruption while we, the people, plunge deeper into debt.

Then there’s Marco’s insipid statement that Trump isn’t worth as much as he claims to be.  Huh?  So what?  Trump is self-funding and Marco will soon be doubling as an overpaid pool boy and chauffeur for his billionaire investors if he can’t pull this off for his corporate handlers.

Finally there was the ridiculous groupie in the audience who must’ve been planted by party leadership.  Her fawning screams reminded watchers of Barack Obama’s campaign sweethearts and removed any question of whether Boy Marco is a serious candidate.  This should have been expected as Boy Marco has more in common with the transformative one, having funded his entire agenda, than anyone claiming to be the next Ronald Reagan.

Rubio completely exposed himself as a party apparatchik last night.  Unable to point to anything he has done in his political career that helped the people who elected and trusted him he resorted to name-calling and character defamation.  Nice going Marco.  There may be a home for you in the Democratic Party when you finally realize you’re toast.  All you have to do is follow the lead of the man you beat in the 2010 primary, Charlie Crist, who decided his brand of politics would play better to the other side of the political spectrum.