Rush Limbaugh Exposes Republicans’ Plan to Elect Hillary Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT – Last week I wrote an article on Jeb Bush’s failed candidacy – I’m now ready to say that it’s over for him but someone has to tell him – and that the Big Money Donors would be focusing mainly on Hillary Clinton while supporting Jeb just in case they couldn’t pull Hillary across the finish line. 

Rush Limbaugh echoed those sentiments today when he stated that the budget deal announced in the House was meant to clear the way for Hillary Clinton by neutering any Republican candidate’s campaign arsenal.

Rush Limbaugh:

“The Republican Party cannot campaign by running around blaming the Democrats for “destroying budget, for overspending, for threatening the very fabric economically of the country.  They can’t do it.  This is the Republican budget deal that Barack Obama cannot wait to sign. 

“So the idea that the Democrat Party and their nominee, most likely Hillary Clinton, pose a grave threat to this country’s future because of their runaway spending, their expansion of the welfare state, the expansion of the entitlement state, the creation of more and more dependents, we can’t say that anymore.  A Republican presidential candidate is not saying that anymore.  All the Democrats are gonna have to do is say, “Wait, wait, whoa, you’re accusing us of doing what?”

Hey Rush, welcome to the party.  Rush went so far as to acknowledge what so many of us have been saying, that the problem is the two parties are working together:  “You tell me the parties aren’t working together?  You tell me they’re not crossing the aisle?  … We’ve got enough of it.  That’s not the dysfunction in Washington.  The dysfunction in Washington is they’re acting like there’s no Constitution.  And it’s not just Obama.  Because when Obama violates the Constitution and nobody holds him to account, it must be nobody cares.” 

The current crop of Republicans care, it’s just that they don’t care a wit about the people who elected them or the promises they made to their constituents along the way.  They lied to us to get elected.  They’ve lied to us about their resolve to stop the runaway pending spree.  They’ve lied to us about their determination to contain our borders for our safety.  That’s why they have now cleared the way for Hillary Clinton, the further erosion of our national identity and a whopping debt in excess of $20 trillion.