ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Russians are a lovely people.  They have persevered with their culture intact even though they were the first European nation to be subjected to the extreme social engineering of the New World Order conspirators of international bankers, who funded Vladimir Lenin and put Russia through its brutal, murderous communist experiment.


Today, Russia has a legitimate economic enterprise in selling oil to the rest of Europe, and no one should be surprised that they are willing to take steps to protect that enterprise.  Russia has a legitimate security interest in what happens in The Ukraine.  It is their direct neighbor.  Half the population of The Ukraine are ethnic Russians.  I realize that it is the monstrously brutal policies of Joseph Stalin that created that situation, but now it is there, and nationalistic bonds aren’t just going to go away.


ethnic russian ukrainian separatists

Ideologically, the Russian Federation is more capitalist than Western Europe, or for that matter, the United States.  They have a 13% flat income tax.  Compare that to the vast, socialist tax regimes of Germany, France, UK or the US.  Why should we side with the far left wing socialists of Western Europe, who are so looney they are in the process of engineering their own cultural suicide at the hands of Islam?  For all his other moral failings, Putin is a vocal defender of Christianity and the Family.  You can’t say the same for Angela Merkel.  Germany has banned construction of new single family homes, and is in the process of making the country Islamic.  So who cares what the Russians charge the Germans for their oil?  It’s certainly not worth blundering into World War III over.

Follow the money, and follow the oil. George Soros engineered a coup in the Ukraine, and tried to give Ukraine’s oil reserves to Joe Biden’s son, Beau, who wound up dead in response. You don’t just pillage a Russian ally and expect no response from the Russians. A major revenue stream for Russia is selling oil to Europe. Obama/Clinton are trying to screw with Russia’s oil business in two ways: 1) They organized a boycott of Russian oil among NATO members, which is hurting Europe more than Russia. 2) Obama/Clinton are doing the bidding of the Saudis, who want to run a pipeline to Europe to undercut Russian oil sales.  But such a pipeline would have to be run through Syria.   The Saudis need to conquer Syria to do it because Assad, the leader of Syria and a Russian ally, refused to allow the pipeline.  The Saudis helped to create ISIS as a  proxy army to take over Syria.



Recent Wikileaks disclosures of Clinton emails show that Hillary Clinton acknowledged, in writing, that ISIS is funded by the Saudis and Qatar.  The Saudis own Clinton and Obama/Clinton have dutifully tried to make Syria a pariah. Obama/Clinton are arming and helping to fund ISIS with the Saudis to topple Syria. That was what Benghazi was really about:  Illegal transfers of arms to ISIS, and eliminating another one of the Saudi’s competitors selling oil to Europe, namely Libya.  The reckless Obama/Clinton/Saudi Axis is risking WWIII over screwing with Russia’s oil business.


Russian airbase

Then the White House blithely asked the Pentagon to establish a no fly zone over Syria.  American generals immediately recognized that this would require them to shoot down Russian airplanes, and that this in turn could easily turn into World War III.  They went to Congress and asked for a war declaration.  Obviously, they didn’t get one, and the military has essentially mutinied against the insane orders from the Obama White House.  In the meantime, the Russians, who WERE invited by the Assad Regime to operate in Syria, have established their own No Fly Zone.  The Russians are bombing Aleppo in support of regular Syrian forces.  Now, Obama is considering bombing those forces.  Who are the Syrians fighting?  Who are the Russians fighting?

ISIS.  Obama has enlisted America on the side of Isis.

What does America have to gain for this risk of nuclear war?  Not a damn thing.  Will it create jobs for America’s 95 million unemployed?  Not a chance.  But the Clintons have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis, and they now do what is best for Saudi Arabia, not the United States.

But you won’t hear this discussed in the Clinton Controlled Media.  They would rather have you focus on Donald Trump talking about grabbing some pussy eleven years ago then have you focus on which candidate for president is more likely to start a war with Russia.