Sanders, Cruz, Rubio Were Disqualified For President Last Night

ELDER PATRIOT – The reactions from Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz concerning the unlawful disruption of Donald Trump’s rally qualify them for president, but only if we’re looking for a president as feckless as those running most of our universities who cave to every ridiculous demand from the vapid minds of students whose lives they are ruining.

Sanders tweeted, “We do things a little different in this campaign.  We bring people TOGETHER.”  Seriously Bernie?  Most of last night’s protesters are supporting you, they even carried signs proclaiming as much, so shut your flapper.  The only people you are bringing together are the ignorant students who support you and those who will exercise total control over their lives. 

Ted Cruz was no better.  “I think a campaign bears a responsibility for creating an environment,” Cruz tweeted from the safety of a studio.  Our nation has been Balkanized by the immigration policies that passed under Senator Cruz’s nose and now he wants to transfer the blame to someone who has called him on it?

If Cruz thinks he’s immune from these protests he’s deluding himself.  No one has set a more measured tone than Bernie Sanders.  So please explain why his rallies have been disrupted by these professional protesters, too.

Rubio chimed in placing blame on Trump as well. “On CNN, Rubio says a president just can’t say whatever comes to his mind and there are consequences to someone’s words. He says Trump needs to “own up to the fact that the rhetoric he has used” has contributed to this climate,” Breitbart reported.

Boy Marco is now advocating for safe spaces.  God help us.  I wonder if he’ll cry if Vladimir Putin challenges him to arm wrestle.

These three enablers have chosen to ignore the fact that no matter what President Obama did to, or said about, the people now drawn to Trump they never, ever disrupted any appearance by President Obama during his seven years in office. 

Dissatisfaction with political leadership has been the province of the American Left and the paid professional organizers and the protesters they command.  From Al Sharpton to Bill Ayers to Jesse Jackson men who should be in prison are instead in position to agitate for the political gain of those who give them their freedom.

If we must moderate our dialogue, as these three political opportunists suggest, when confronting spoiled ignorant children then all truly is lost. 

My advice to these three is “grow a pair” or get out of the way and let a man tackle the job of the American presidency.  The people have no more time for feckless political weasels.