(Oh yeah, and Muslim Jihadis Behead Priest During Morning Mass in France)

Priest beheaded

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Tuesday, July 26, 2016, which is normally Terrorist Tuesdays for this column.  I will get to my commentary for the first night of Crook Week, i.e. the DemocRat National Convention in Philadelphia in a minute.  First, a few words about the latest attack by the Religion of Murder, a.k.a. Islam.  The Atrocity du Jour this time is the beheading of an 84 year old Catholic priest in Normandy, France.  During morning mass.  Other church goers were reported to have been injured by the two knife wielding attackers, who were screaming “Allahu Ackbar!” all throughout the attack.  The deadly duo then took some elderly nuns hostage until they were gunned down by French Police.

French President Francois Hollande proclaimed that ISIS has declared war on France.  D’uh!  You think?  Allow me to translate for the French press:  Excusez-moi.  Pensez-vous, Hollande?  Le D’uh!

Anti-Pope Francis poked his head out of his 200 foot walls long enough to say he shared the pain and grief of those who suffered under this latest attack.  Hey, how about sharing the blame and responsibility, since it was your virtue signaling that gave the Socialists moral cover to engineer this Muslim invasion in the first place?

Doubtless Barack Inssein Obama will give a speech calling for “reasonable knife control”.  If our leaders were serious about defending us from this threat, they would pass laws to facilitate every genuine Western citizen (i.e. REAL Europeans and Americans) to own and carry firearms.  To paraphrase Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Muslim Jihadis should find a rifle behind every blade of grass when they carry out murderous attacks in America and Europe.

Now back to reviewing the first night of the DemocRat Convention.


Number One Observation:  It looks like Hillary Clinton is going to be booed and jeered during her acceptance speech on Thursday night.  Thus far, Sanders delegates have booed her at every mere mention of her name long and loudly.  They constitute 45% of the delegates, and they are breaking out into the same chants of “Lock Her Up!” that were heard at the Republican Convention.

Number Two Observation:  There are no American flags to be seen ANYWHERE at the DNC.  The American flag has been banned, and the DemocRats did not open their convention with playing the National Anthem.  If there was any doubt about it, it has been laid to rest:  The DemocRats hate America and the whole idea of patriotism.  Like the Communists of the old Soviet Union that modern DemocRats spring from, for them it is all about The Party.  It is all about having political power, and screw the national interest. 

DemocRats are sooo politically correct that they also banned white balloons at their convention, so you will only see red and blue ones.  Because, you know, white balloons are so “racist”, right?

There are only two food concession stands throughout the entire arena of the DNC, so delegates have to wait in long, long lines for food and water.  Because Communists love scarcity and waiting in long lines.

Number Three Observation:  DemocRats have “blown their wad” on the first night.  They had 61 speeches and not a single one mentioned ISIS.  The DemocRats crammed in most of their political stars, including Corey Booker, Moochelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren (a.k.a. Fauxcahontas), and Bernie Sanders.  Tonight it is Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who will both just talk about themselves, because they are both mega-narcissists.  That pretty much only leaves Hillary to get booed and jeered on Thursday.

The speakers last night presented a schizophrenic view of America.  Moochelle Obama talked about how great things are in America.  She questioned why Donald Trump would be running on a slogan of Make America Great Again.  For Moochelle, the status quo is just great as it is.  But Elizabeth Warren followed Obama and painted a very different picture of America.  Americans are struggling with low wages, joblessness, and unequal pay.  Whoa!  That sounds very “dark” and “dystopian”, Elizabeth.  At least, that is what the DemocRat Press said when Donald Trump spoke about the same reality.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a DemocRat convention without lots of lies.  Like Elizabeth Warren saying that Donald Trump was a lousy businessman.  Well, if accumulating 10 billion dollars in wealth makes you a lousy businessman, then sign me up.  Elizabeth Warren is also into real estate.  She bought foreclosed homes, kicked out the former owners, fixed them up, and then sold them at a profit.  Sounds like a small time greedy capitalist to me.

I could go on at length about all the lies told, but I won’t.  One lie will serve to symbolize how out of touch DemocRats are:  John Kerry, our Secretary of State, said this week that Air Conditioning poses a greater threat to our safety than does ISIS.

Once again, I’m predicting a Trump win in a landslide.