Sanders Vs. Clinton – It’s Embarrassing DNC Disgraces Their Rank And File

ELDER PATRIOT – After Hillary Clinton’s massive destruction of Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary last night one doesn’t know what to think. 

Was it an embrace of Goldman Sachs’ prom queen, Hillary Clinton or a rejection of socialism even at the expense of supporting the most corrupt American politician of our time?

In one corner we had a self-declared socialist who rails against government cronyism with corporate America and offers the solution of making government even bigger and more powerful.

In the other corner was the Lioness of Wall Street who has never been held to account for Whitewater, Travelgate, her untoward denigration of the victims of her hubby’s bimbo erections, Benghazi, violating the Espionage Act, foreign campaign contributions and the selling of influence and likely state secrets and, over three dozen dead associates from Arkansas to Washington, D.C.


What a choice!  And the liberals are complaining about some sophomoric name-calling coming from the Republican candidates!  No wonder Democrat voters are staying away!  Primaries are where the most loyal party regulars turn out to vote and they have signaled their disgust with the choices they have before them by staying home instead of voting.

Through the first four primaries and caucuses 337,000 less Democrat loyalists have decided to bypass voting compared to 2008.  That’s a falloff of 29% despite the population growth in all of these states.

The stench rising from 430 South Capital Street SE in Washington D.C. is the carcass of the two unworthy candidates the Democratic National Committee has foisted on their followers.  I can think of nothing more insulting to their rank and file than a choice between an imbecile who is trying to resurrect a failed ideology that even the Russians and the Chinese have relegated to the dustbin of history, or the most corrupt politician of our time who is inextricably tied to Goldman Sachs and the Globalist movement at a time when Americans are rejecting both.