Saving America: Trump-Cruz 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – The best thing for America is shaping up to be a Trump-Cruz ticket next November.  This is not because Ted Cruz wouldn’t make an excellent president right now but because a successful Trump presidency could pave the way for eight years of Cruz much the way Ronald Reagan’s success paved the way for Bush 41 to become president.  Unlike Bush, Cruz has proven his commitment to reducing government within Constitutional limits.

A Trump-Cruz ticket in 2016 holds the potential to provide America with 16 years of serious leadership founded in adherence to our Constitutional principles.  Because of the extreme damage done by the Obama presidency to the institutions of government due to the broad placement of Marxist ideologues now implementing policy, even sixteen years may not be enough time to undo the policies destructive to our Constitution, prosperity and personal liberties by our current president and supported by our current Republican congress. 

Both Trump and Cruz have a demonstrated ability to win the battle against the Rockefeller Mediacracy by standing resolute in their beliefs and each with an excellent capacity to frame the debate.  That is important to survive in office for any length of time.

Trump is at the height of his game right now and Cruz will only be 52 in eight years.  Together they could return America to the moorings of her Founding Principles that had catapulted her citizens to an unprecedented level of prosperity and freedom before progressive politicians began their inexorable march towards Marxism a century ago.

The current crop of immigrants, as well as the Millennials suffering from Marxist indoctrination in our schools, would have the time and leadership necessary to assist in their assimilation into America’s founding principles.  Most immigrants have come here to participate in America’s greatness, not destroy it.  They need to be properly informed.  Those who have come with the expectation of sucking at America’s nipple should be deported.  Trump has promised to do that.

Most significantly Trump can turn our economy around, and, with no loyalties to big money donors, can stop the cycle of indebting our children for the enrichment of unions, mega corporations, and international bankers.  He can reinstitute the proper balance between Main Street and Corporate America spreading economic opportunity, once again, to all of the people.  As vice president, and with his knowledge of our public institutions, Cruz could begin purging Marxists from positions of power within our government.

Once the economy has been fixed so that all Americans have the opportunity to become prosperous if they’re willing to work hard, Cruz would be in a position to capitalize of Trump’s popularity and follow him into the White House. 

As president Cruz could then spend the next eight years continuing Trump’s economic policies as well as restoring Americans’ beliefs in the values our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.

A Trump-Cruz ticket has the potential to turn back a century of progressive policies that has been destructive of our personal liberties and individual prosperity.  Better yet, it could set America up to withstand the next century of progressivism that will be more formidable and aggressive because of the growth and influence of the United Nations.

Most importantly, a Trump-Cruz ticket has the potential to end the reign of the Republican elites who have joined with the Democrats to form a one-party system of government reminiscent of the old Soviet Politburo with no regard for the people that they govern.  Reinstituting debate between the leadership of the two political parties, instead of marginalizing those with differing views, would go a long way towards helping Americans understand what’s at stake.

Trump-Cruz is a strategy for the future.  In comparison, the other candidates all look like they are content putting their fingers in a dike that is soon to break wide open.