ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Scottish police have ARRESTED a man for putting up a gag video on YouTube that showed his girlfriend’s pug dog “saluting” his paw to a Hitler video.  Twenty-Eight year old Markus Meechan was arrested for alleged “hate crimes” following his posting of a video, which went viral, of his girlfriend’s pug reacting to various Nazi slogans and videos of Adolf Hitler giving a speech.  The video did not advocate for Nazism or in any way condoned anything the Nazis did.  It was just a joke video showing a dog acting funny.  Meechan has insisted that he is not a racist and just wanted to annoy his girlfriend.

Judge the video for yourself:

You may want to hurry, before this is dropped down the “memory hole” by the Censors.

The concept of SATIRE is completely lost on a small coterie of perpetually offended, humorless, Nanny State Social Justice Warriors in Scotland, who have a Pavlovian, knee jerk response to anything that “triggers” their egg shell sensitivities.  In a chilling press release, Scottish authorities openly admit that the arrest of Meechan is meant to “send a message” and be a lesson to others that any video containing “offensive” content will not be tolerated. 

Will the Scottish Police next be raiding the BBC Archives to confiscate and burn all the episodes of Monty Python and Faulty Towers where Nazis were parodied?


Cleese Hitler

Free Speech in Scotland?  DEAD!  DEAD!  DEAD!

Where is William Wallace when you need him to fight for FREEDOM?!!!!