Sean Hannity & Paul Ryan – Perfect Together

ELDER PATRIOT – I’ve had dinner with Sean Hannity on a couple of occasions.  He’s a very nice man but he’s as much a part of the mainstream media as anyone working at MSNBC.

Hannity’s job as a member of the mainstream media is to blur the lines between true conservatives and establishment Republicans so that the Republicrats can continue running their single party scam defrauding the people.

That was exactly the purpose he served when the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was given time on his show yesterday to make the claim that Republicans were actually doing something to combat President Obama.  After five years of Republican control in the House, Ryan wants us to believe that they’ve finally figured out a strategy for repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Speaker Ryan tried explaining the plan that he knows has no chance of succeeding, “We’ve been at this for what, five years now?  We’ve finally found the smart strategy to be able to get a bill on [Obama’s] desk. We’ve never been able to get around a filibuster in the Senate to get a bill to repeal ObamaCare. By the way, this also defunds Planned Parenthood, which is a very high priority of ours. We could never get through the Senate filibuster, so we used the one rule, the one tool we have a year – we call this reconciliation, so we can get around the Senate filibuster to get a bill on his desk defunding ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood. We’re passing that tomorrow. I fully anticipate the president will veto this. I mean, how many times have we’ve been saying we want to put bills on his desk saying who we are, what he believes and he will veto. We will have a veto override vote on the later in the month. But this is the first time we’ve been able to get on his desk a bill going after ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood.”


Adversaries or Two Birds of the Same Feather?

Please save us the bullsh*t, Paul.  You’ve had dozens of opportunities to stop this runaway president using the one tool that would have really worked to curtail Obamacare and Planned Parenthood you could’ve controlled the budget but you chose not to. 

Furthermore, you, John Boehner before you and Mitch McConnell in the Senate shouldn’t have corrupted the two chambers’ parliamentary procedures so that your fellow Republicans needed two-thirds of the votes in congress to override the “free” trade treaties that will cost Americans tens of millions of jobs something you knew you couldn’t deliver.  Using those parliamentary procedures you did the work for the Democrats and now you want to hide behind the president’s veto powers that you so happily handed to him when you could’ve blocked all of his initiatives before they became law.

“I’ve been a frustrated conservative as well… But number three, we have to use every tool at our disposal to keep this executive branch honest, to keep oversight over them. So let’s take this executive amnesty – we went the court route and we’ve been successful. We’re going after the president in court on ObamaCare issues as well. We’ve succeeded there. We’re using the power of the purse with riders on a whole host of things – pro-life riders, Internal Revenue Service riders, EPA riders and at the end of the day, Sean, what really matters is winning an election. We have to have a conservative in the White House.”

Why Sean allowed him to get away with using his show in such a blatant display of doubletalk can only be explained by the reason I gave above.  Ryan is not a conservative.  Period.  He’s been a free spending, budget-busting supporter of open-borders since he arrived in Washington. 


The Speaker also knows that his likelihood of success in the courts is almost nil and that “riders” only have teeth if you have the courage to shutdown the government to keep them in the bills something Speaker Ryan has proven too many times in the past he doesn’t have the cojones to do. 


To give him air time and then to not challenge him when he makes one false claim after another is sickening to those of us who gave so freely of our money and worked so hard to get this class of Republicans elected.    

“We have to have a conservative in the White House that isn’t trashing the Constitution… and we have to offer a bold agenda to the country so that the people of this country who do not like the direction America is heading, which we don’t that we owe them an alternative.  We have to give them a bold conservative agenda so that the men and women of this country can decide which way the country goes in 2016.”

Words are cheap Paul.  Your rhetoric sounds good but there’s only one candidate running for the nomination of your party with a “bold” agenda and you and your fellow Republicans are doing everything you can to undermine his chances.  Only Donald Trump has suggested shutting down immigration from jihadi regions of the globe to keep us safe while you continue to fund their welcome parties and then their stays once they are here.  Only Donald Trump has offered a defense of the American worker by trashing the alphabet soup trade agreements you personally worked so hard to make into law. 

Shame on you Sean Hannity for allowing Paul Ryan to call himself a conservative on your show without you challenging him on it.  And, shame on you Paul Ryan for taking an oath to serve the American people and then doing anything but.