Second In A Series: Trump Tells Republican Leadership To Shove It! Wins Latino Vote!

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump obliterated another myth that the GOP kingmakers had been peddling to their rank and file last night when he won a plurality of the Latino vote last night in Nevada.

Once again Trump has proven many Americans love him and his message of success without regard to race or ethnicity and why many more Americans will love him if he becomes president.  This is also the reason the entire Ruling Class apparatus – Politicians on both sides of the aisle, the Pope, the mainstream media, foreign governments and private entities, and corporate and super rich donors – has aligned against him.

Running against two Latino U.S. senators he dominated the voting among Hispanic voters.

The reason is simple and should never have evaded the party’s leadership who claim to be conservatives but who instead consistently deliver a different mantra to and for minorities when it comes to their treatment by the government.

The facts are clear and have been for some time, Latinos have everything in common with traditional GOP voters.  They work hard, are church-going Christians and they take care of their families.  And, when they came to the United States they were in search of opportunity not government handouts.

That is why Nevada’s Latinos (44%) support for Trump was virtually the same as was his support from white Nevadans (47%.)

Unlike Blacks, who the leadership of both political parties attempted to lump Latinos together with, Hispanics have assimilated into the American political scene.

You would think that the Republican kingmakers would be ecstatic about this development.  After all, this was the message of Ronald Reagan in whose legacy they always drape themselves.

The fact that they’re not happy this morning exposes their real goal for minorities.  That is to deliver minorities on a platter to their Oligarchical partners in the Democratic Party and not to welcome them as full-fledged Americans capable and desiring of taking their place in America’s political melting pot.

Trump is destroying one political myth after another and, in the process, he’s destroying the bonds that have divided us and that have allowed the Ruling Elites to control us.