Secularism And Success: Employing the Seven Deadly Sins to Advance Marxist Theology

ELDER PATRIOT – To understand where we are headed it is important to know where we came from and how we arrived at this point.America was primarily settled by Europeans of differing sects of Christianity seeking asylum in the New World to practice their faith without persecution.  Their willingness to endure devastating hardship in order to practice their religious beliefs bears witness to their commitment.For the most part, this new community was guided by teachings of the Ten Commandments.  Their experience and adherence to fundamental religious beliefs made them especially well suited for self-governance where the protection of the rights of the minority must be weighed when instituting the will of the majority.

With virtually absolute freedom, America’s growth was meteoric.  Innovation and entrepreneurship became America’s hallmark throughout the world.  The world’s peoples began believing “the streets of America were paved with gold.”  In truth, the streets were paved with opportunity.

As the Progressive movement began taking root in America, its leaders realized the value in that misuse of the language and would consistently employ the twisting of language to further their agenda in the future.  Progressive leaders soon recognized that a system of formal education afforded an opportunity for indoctrination and future adherence to their teachings.  Through the establishment of teacher unions they had the beachhead they needed to seize control of the curriculum taught to our children.

Even with Progressive control of the teacher’s union a workable balance had been established between a vibrant church and a contrary education system.  This dynamic spawned great debates and furthered America’s ascent.  Dissatisfied with the speed that American’s were accepting their liberal principles; Progressives became determined to minimize America’s attachment to the church.

Progressives began their assault on the church by challenging the First Commandment; Thou shall have no other Gods before me.  By employing the first of the Seven Deadly Sins, Pride, Progressives convinced people that their education and success elevated them to a position at least equal to God in determining their actions.

Acting as though they were the devil themselves, Progressives began employing all of the Seven Deadly Sins to advance their agenda;
•       Pride.  Man, armed with the right of self-determination, was convinced he was the equal of God and, therefore, should make decisions for himself irrespective of God’s word.
•       Envy.  People accepted the concept of class warfare in all cases and without critical thought.  By dividing us amongst ourselves, Progressives were able to advance single issues to simple majorities who were unaware, ignorant, or just didn’t care about the ramifications and potential for societal decay.
•       Gluttony.  American’s became overcome with an inordinate desire for increased consumption.
•       Lust.  Progressives advanced the lowering of sexual mores and the relaxation of pornography laws relying on the strict wording of the First Amendment.  Ignorant people, equating sexual acceptance and pornography with freedom, now decide elections on such foolish matters.
•       Anger.  Also called wrath, the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore were a result of politically ginned up anger and will lead to a call for even more federal control of our lives.
•       Greed, Avarice, or Covetousness.  The majority’s reign of tyranny on the rights of the minority is the foundation of the Progressive movement.  “For the greater good,” is the rallying cry of both Progressives and Marxists and ignores the minority’s rights.  Programs such as Welfare, Medicaid, and Obamacare are all illustrative of the majority’s claim to the work product of others.  For their part, corporate leaders and elected government officials are more concerned with padding their own bank accounts than fixing the problems of the people.
•       Sloth.  Due to Progressive programs, America has an entire underbody of our population with incentives not to seek work.  As our economy weakens, this dependent class will continue growing while those funding it will be diminished.  This will likely have cataclysmic results with the imposition of greater government control over our lives.  The devil could not have been more forthcoming than Progressive leader Rahm Emanuel when he let on; “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

One need not be deeply religious, nor religious at all, to understand the need for a high order of morality in order to legislate fairly for all citizens, and wisely to protect the freedoms of future Americans.

We are on the precipice of completing a Marxist takeover without a revolution.  Government now controls our banking systems, schools, healthcare, and is mandating over vaccinating our children.  Government is monitoring our personal communications through the NSA and is making a push to control our dialogue on the Internet.  Arguably, their corporate partners already control the news content disseminated by the mainstream media.

It should be clear that state sponsored schools cannot be trusted to be the moral counterbalance to government.  Since the first settlers arrived in America, and for the ensuing four and one half centuries, morality was the province of America’s churches, and America flourished.  Until a better alternative is found, perhaps it’s time to embrace our religious foundations again so that we may deliver America and ourselves to greatness again.