See This Thing Floating In The Middle Of Seemingly Nowhere? Well, You’re In For A Big Shock.

VIA| Spitbank Fort is a sea fort that was built as a result of the 1859 Royal Commission. It is located on aprivate island in Solent, England and is only 2 hours away from London. It’s only 30 minutes away from Portsmouth or Southampton when you arrive by private boat. The fort was declared surplus in 1962 and was disposed of by the Ministry Of Defense in 1982. Today it is vastly different from what it started out as. The fort is now privately owned and operated by Amazing Venues under the Solent Forts brand. It’s no longer a conventional military fortress. In fact it’s the furthest thing from a destructive weapon of war. Take a look at what they have turned this old military fort in to. You’ll definitely want to pay a visit to this old sea fort because it’s pretty amazing. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself below.