Senate Republicans Are Marching Us Headlong Into The New World Order

ELDER PATRIOT – Senate Republicans surrendered the last vestige of any semblance of resistance against President Obama yesterday when they granted him far-reaching authority in negotiating a trade agreement with 11 Pacific Rim nations.  Forty-eight Republicans joined only 14 Democrats in passing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that now overrides the need for a super majority in order to shut down debate and move to approval of the final treaty with only a simple majority.

As with previous trade agreements, the beneficiaries are going to be the mega-corporations and the countries they move their operations to.  Our manufacturing base will continue to wither creating greater economic strife for that sector of our economy.

Expect the final treaty to be heavy on regulatory compliance making it even more expensive for small to medium sized businesses to compete in the affected markets.
The end result of these treaties is always strong growth for large corporations and the loss of quality jobs to the trade partner countries.

To mollify their consciences they included funding for retraining of workers whose displacement is shown to be because of foreign competition.  This is tacit recognition that this will cost American workers jobs.

One is only left to conclude that these Senators’ bankster puppet masters gave them their marching orders.

Senate Republicans have reneged on their campaign pledge to repeal Obamacare.  In fact, they haven’t attacked any aspect of it.

The have allowed Dodd-Frank to embolden the banksters to new levels of recklessness while systematically shutting down main street business without even the slightest suggestion of even minimal reform.

They have failed to advance any meaningful immigration bill and have not held Obama accountable for any of his questionably unconstitutional actions regarding illegal immigrants.

They overwhelmingly signed on to the NDAA that violates many of our constitutional protections and authorizes dictatorial powers to the president.

Finally, they have agreed to raise the debt limit every time the president has asked without regard to the repercussions.  Senate Republicans couldn’t look more like Obama if they tried.

It should be clear by now that except for a few holdouts on the extreme edges of both parties our government rules with one mind.  When votes are needed to enhance corporate dominance over American workers the votes are always there.  It’s only a matter of determining which members will take the least heat back home.

In the process, the wealth of average Americans is being stripped away while power and wealth is being centralized in international corporations and by international agreements.