ELDER PATRIOT – The Senate has scheduled a vote on Rand Paul’s bill ordering the auditing of the Federal Reserve.  Don’t get your hopes up.  If you think this represents some hope for the long-abused American taxpayer you’re needlessly excited.  This is a small dose of political payback for Paul who bailed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from a serious primary challenge during his re-election last year by throwing his endorsement behind him.  At the time McConnell was as good as defeated by truly conservative businessman Matt Bevin.  Paul saved his bacon and collected some future favors in the process.  That’s all that this is.

What follows will prove Senator Paul is prepared to play Washington’s game by their rules.

There is zero chance that an audit of the Fed will actually occur but the vote will serve as a campaign boost for Paul who, like his father, has been steadfast in calling for the audit and is something fiscal conservatives would love.  Senator David Perdue, acting on McConnell’s behalf, has scheduled the vote as a return favor for Paul whose presidential campaign had been floundering but is recently showing signs of a pulse.

Faced with the voters’ overwhelming rejection of establishment candidates, McConnell may be viewing Paul as a candidate who he can work with as opposed to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz who owed nothing to anyone. 

Senator Paul showed some life in the final debate of 2015 and actually moved into a tie with Jeb Bush in the latest Fox News poll conducted after the debate.  Granted, it’s only three percent but in politics momentum is important and McConnell’s calculus may be to throw Paul a bone at this time.

If candidate Paul stagnates, the doomed vote costs McConnell nothing.  If Paul’s support takes off as a result of this “show” vote McConnell has a candidate he knows the party can work with.

Sorry people, this isn’t a “come to Jesus” moment, just Washington politics as usual.