VIA| Three years ago, Brittney and Brady gave birth to a beautiful little girl who simply wouldn’t be able to stay on this planet with her parents.

The little girl, named Brylen, suffered early on from a condition that meant she wouldn’t be able to form a large part of her brain or skull. When she finally entered this big world, she could only stay for less than an hour before she was whisked away back to where she came.

Certainly heartbroken from the loss, the two parents were forced to grieve for their daughter. Luckily, Brittney knows that her little girl felt the love her parents gave her before she passed away. And while it’s painful to say goodbye, at least this little girl could open her eyes and see the two parents who would miss her so much.

One thing that isn’t often discussed in these situations is the logistics behind the loss of such a small child. While difficult to discuss, when a baby passes away, since they’re so tiny, their body temperature is more quickly affected. Therefore, soon after they pass, the doctors are forced to take them away into a colder atmosphere.

Often, in these situations, the parents know what’s going to happen to their baby once they’re born. While certainly heartbreaking, it isn’t usually a shock or a surprise. However, that doesn’t mean that the parents don’t go through the same grieving process that such a loss will cause.

But instead of having the time to properly say goodbye, these heartbroken parents have to watch a doctor take their baby away. Thankfully, the “Cuddle Cot” was invented. A special bassinet that keeps a baby cool all while giving these parents the chance to say goodbye in the proper way. Brittney and Brady knew that they wanted to donate one of these devices to the hospital.

While it’s a tragedy that any parent will ever be forced to use this device, it’s one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts anyone could ask for if forced into such a situation. While it always hurts to say goodbye, with the Cuddle Cot, there won’t be a rush to enjoy each other’s company, one first and final time.

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CUDDLE COT: A new device provides comfort to the parents of stillborn babies, by giving them more time to say goodbye.Ashlyn Tubbs KCBD has the story:

Posted by KCBD NewsChannel 11 on Tuesday, February 23, 2016