She Puts A Thin Blue Line On Her Car. When A COP Sees It, I Can't Believe He Does THIS…

VIA| April Killingsworth of Walker County, TX is the manager at Tangent Signs, a company that creates signs, banners, and stickers. One day April decided to put a thin blue line sticker on her car.

She wanted to show her support for local law enforcement and thought the blue line would symbolize solidarity.

On a whim she posted on Facebook that Tangent Signs would be giving away the blue stickers to anyone who wanted them. She told an employee to print five stickers assuming no one would show up to support the cops.

While it may seem like the nation is divided on the issue, most people know that there are great cops out there, like young Jayden Witsell who wrote letters to each of his local officers thanking them for their service.

Boy, was April wrong. Cars lined up around the street. People from all over East Texas drove out miles to show their support. However, it was when she noticed who was in the crowd that she knew she was doing something special.

See more of how one woman’s idea to support the cops is sweeping the nation and how you can be a part of the “thin blue line” movement below!

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April Killingsworth, manager of Tangent Signs, a store the specializes in car decals, decided it would be a great idea to put a blue stripe decal on her car. The reason? To support police officers around the nation. She wanted to share the message so she posted on Facebook that she would be giving out the stickers to anyone who wanted them. But never in a million years did she expect this to happen…

“When we first posted it, it was kind of a sporadic thing that morning,” April said. “I asked my employee to cut a few blue stripes, and he asked how many and I told him five. We’ll be lucky if five people even show up.”

Well, April needed more than five stickers. In just 48 hours, the cars lined up.

“It was unbelievable,” Killingsworth exclaimed. “I made the turn and I was like, ‘Oh wow look at all of this!’ I had to fight to get into my driveway.”

She completely lost count of how many she’s had to print.

“I don’t even know how many stripes have been cut and stuck and given away,” April said. “It’s insane.”

People from all over East Texas drove to show their support for local law enforcement.

It was when cops began to drive 40 miles to Tangent Signs just to get a sticker that April really knew she had done something special.

“It was a little bit of a trip, [the wait was] about half of an hour,” said Ahleeha Price from the Crockett Police Department. “To get that thin blue line and to show my support for my law enforcement family, it’s definitely worth it.”
“NYPD officers emailed us yesterday on Facebook,” Killingsworth said. “We had California this morning, and Minnesota was the very first one to contact us.”

But don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on one of these blue stickers. People around the country are using the “thin blue line” to show their support in other ways.

One family painted a thin blue line on their curb to let officers know the neighborhood supports them.


See more of how Tangent Signs is spreading their message about supporting the good cops out there in the video above!

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