She Tosses In A LEMON WEDGE While HARD-BOILING EGGS. It Might Look Stupid, But The Reason? GENIUS!

VIA| You don’t need to go to culinary school to be a great cook, but having a few tricks up your sleeve doesn’t hurt.

One of the most annoying parts about cooking is peeling things. Whether it is a clove of garlic, fruits, veggies or even hard-boiled eggs, peeling can drive even the most experienced amateur chef crazy.

Never struggle with peeling again with these awesome kitchen hacks below!

If you have ever hard-boiled an egg, you know the struggle. You can cook the egg perfectly but once it comes time to peel off that shell it becomes a mangled mess with little bits of egg strewn all over.

Simply put a lemon wedge into the water while you are boiling the eggs and like magic, the peels will fall right off like butter.


Unless you have a garlic press, peeling garlic can be a real pain. Make it the easiest part of your day by grabbing two metal bowls. Break apart the garlic a bit with your hands and then dump it into a bowl. Use the other one to press down and shake it around – now the garlic should be perfectly peeled and ready for use.

If you enjoy a good pear, you probably know how hard it is to peel soft-skinned fruits. Thankfully we aren’t the only ones – now you can actually buy a soft-skinned fruit peeler with special serrated edges. This is a must have for making pies!


Last but not least is ginger. Ginger is known across the world for healing properties – make sure to harvest all the good stuff by using a spoon to scrape off the skin. It’s so easy you will hate yourself for not thinking of it first.

Try out these today and share with all your friends and family!