VIA| Sheriff Clarke was on “Hannity” yesterday and they spoke about the would be Philly Cop Killer, and what HE thinks should be done about it… As always, the Sheriff speaks TRUTH…very loud and clear…


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) argued the attempted murderer of a Philadelphia police officer “should be charged with treason…charged as an enemy combatant, held at Gitmo and he should not have access to American courts” on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Clarke argued, “these individuals should be charged with treason. They — if he’s an American citizen, he forfeits his citizenship. He should be charged as an enemy combatant, held at Gitmo and he should not have access to American courts, he should be tried in a military court, and if convicted, he should be executed.”

Earlier, Clarke stated, [relevant remarks begin around 2:25] “President Obama’s JV team has struck again. This is not the first time that Islamic terror or Islamic-inspired terror has struck at home here in the United States. This president is not only unwilling to face the fact that we are being targeted here on the homeland, he is incapable of protecting Americans.”

Clarke added, “that’s the thing about the president. He’ll find a way — he’s probably huddling with his aides right now, trying to figure out how he can punish the gun owner, punish the American people, or try to blame the cops for what happened here. This has gone beyond the things like we saw in San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Garland, Texas, we are under attack here in the United States, and it is time for the president to put down the ideology, and put down all the other nonsense, and start protecting Americans here at home.”

Do you agree with the Sheriff?