VIA|  Law enforcement officials have used social media and social networking sites for several years to prevent crime and even prosecute criminals who accidentally rat on themselves using Facebook, Twitter and similar sites.

It’s not a rare occasion anymore to hear a news story about a person robbing a gas station and then posting a Facebook photo with the stolen loot, or stealing someone’s phone and taking pictures with it, not realizing that most pictures on smartphones these days are automatically backed up to the cloud — where the owner of the device can access the pictures from any computer.

But perhaps most bizarre is the latest case of an accidental confession when a 16-year-old black student killed a fellow classmate, who happened to be white, and took a selfie while posing with the dead student’s body.

The killer, Maxwell Marion Morton, went a step further and sent the self-incriminating selfie through SnapChat, a popular app that allows the user to send picture messages that disappear off of the recipients phone within seconds — but the recipient in this case saved the image before it vanished.

The image clearly showed the victim was shot in the face. After turning the image over to local police, District Attorney John Peck’s job of prosecuting has never been easier. In 30 years of being a prosecutor, Peck said he’s never seen a picture of the suspect posing with the victim.

I’ve never seen it before,” Peck stated, “but it was a key piece of evidence that led investigators to the defendant.”

TribLive reported that detectives found a spent 9mm shell casing in Morton’s room. He’s currently be held in a juvenile detention center but will be charged as an adult.

We have to ask — where’s the media coverage on this story? Where’s Al Sharpton?

But if we take a look at the suspect, a black teen and the victim, a white teen, we quickly recalled that black-on-white murders receive little to no attention. It’s simply not a profitable proposition for race-baiters like Sharpton.

Can you even begin to imagine the outrage, riots and additional killings that would have taken place had the racial roles been reversed in this case? A white teen who took a selfie of a black teen he just killed and sent a picture of it through SnapChat?

Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the race-hustling crew would have been all over it.

What a sad state of affairs.


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