Shock Poll: Trump +10 In Wisconsin.

ELDER PATRIOT – A new poll released by the respected ARG polling group shows Donald Trump holding a 10-point lead over Ted Cruz.  If this is accurate Ted Cruz’s campaign will be on life support after tonight.  That may explain why the mainstream media has chosen to call this poll an outlier because it doesn’t square with other recent polls.

Or, does it?  An examination of the dates and results of the four most recent polls may be indicative of its veracity:

March 28 – 30 Cruz +10

March 29 – April 1 Cruz +6

March 30 – April 3 Cruz +5

April 1 – April 3 Trump +10

It appears that Cruz’s popularity peaked on March 30th as people realized his attempt to place blame on Trump and his “henchmen” against adultery charges was ill founded. 

April 1st was also the date that Donald Trump began personal appearances across Wisconsin and began opening the voters’ eyes to Ted Cruz’s leadership role in sending Wisconsin jobs and factories to other countries as a result of his support for unfavorable trade deals.


The graph of recent polls by date indicates that there has been a trending away from Cruz by late deciders.  Whether this results in Trump winning by 10 points will be known tonight but to simply dismiss the latest poll as an outlier is to deny the trend of diminishing support for Cruz that the three previous polls had shown.

The latest poll aside, it appears that the longer Ted Cruz campaigns in Wisconsin the more his support shrinks.  The people of Wisconsin are learning what his fellow senators already know, the more you know about Lyin’ Ted the less you like him.