SHOCK VIDEO: Mainstream Media Ignores ‘Black On White’ Crime

VIA| The media is infinitely more concerned about crimes against blacks than they are with crimes against whites. It’s sad, but there remains a definite hierarchy of crimes with blacks and homosexuals at the top and Christian white people at the bottom. There is an epidemic of black-on-white crime and some have even made a game from this concept.

The epidemic of black on white cowardly attacks on the elderly and disabled continues.

Police in Omaha have arrested one of the individuals seen brutally punching a 76-year-old woman in a video that went viral earlier this week.

The “game” is called the “Knockout Game” and mainly consists of angry black youths blitz-attacking innocent white people and beating the hell out of them.

Those this is but a small portion of the country’s minority population that is “playing” this “game,” the mainstream media and the black community simply refuses to shine a light on these vicious attacks out of fear of the backlash that would inevitably occur at a time when many Americans of color feel that “Black lives matter” above all the others.

We have heard so much about Michael Brown, a thug who attacked a cop; have you heard of the countless white victims who have been beaten because of the color of their skin?