ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Justice Scalia could not have died in a more corrupt county than Presidio County, Texas.  Scalia died while a guest of Houston billionaire John Poindexter, over the President’s Weekend holiday.  Scalia went to Poindexter’s ranch by private jet, along with an unidentified friend accompanying him.  The entire guest list of the hunting ranch during that weekend remains a closely guarded secret.

Both the Sheriff’s Office in Presidio County, and the U.S. Marshall’s Service, violated Texas State law by failing to cordon off Scalia’s room as a potential crime scene.  Nor was an in person inquest conducted, again required by State law.   Scalia’s body was inexplicably transported hours away to a funeral home in El Paso, while a local funeral home that could do embalming was only a thirty minute drive away in Marfa, Texas.  Scalia’s body could even have been flown back to Washington, D.C. in less time than it took to drive it to El Paso.

El Paso allows funeral homes to dump blood and bodily fluids down the drain, destroying forever any evidence that Scalia might have been poisoned, or other clues of foul play.  Presidio County doesn’t allow this to be done by funeral homes, because of the high water table in the area creates an unacceptable chance of fresh water becoming contaminated.  That would explain why Scalia’s body was driven over 3 hours to El Paso.


John Poindexter, first row, second from right

Now it has come to light that Poindexter is a high ranking member of a secret society, the St. Hubertus Society, that wears robes and conducts rituals of an occult nature.  This society is in turn associated with the secretive Bohemian Grove Society, a German Illuminati group, and that infamous group has connections to the Bilderberg Group and proponents of the New World Order, a planet wide communist government that is being formed today by the world’s banking cartels.  Bohemian Grove has inducted countless U.S. government leaders, even including the likes of past president Richard Nixon, who described their ceremonies as “the most fagy thing you can imagine.”


The main stream press has sought to portray the St. Hubertus Society as just a hunting club for elites, but the truth may be far more sinister.   These secret societies, from the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, and the St. Hubertus Society are rife with the occult, satanic worship, and an agenda to shape and mold human history to their own ends.  Anything or anyone who gets in the way of that agenda, be it J.F.K. wanting to audit the Federal Reserve, or someone like Antonin Scalia who was blocking Obama’s agenda to transform America, will be disposed of.

The Cibolo Creek ranch where Scalia died is filled with satanic imagery.  A statute of Satan was in the hallway right outside the door to Scalia’s room.


Meanwhile, devil masks line the walls of the ranch.


The failure to follow Texas State Law by officials, the rush to embalm Scalia’s body and destroy his bodily fluids, the reports of him being found with a pillow over his face, the satanic paraphernalia found all over the ranch, the fact that John Poindexter is a member of a secret occult society and ex-special forces black ops commando, and the lack of any investigation into Scalia’s death all point to a cover up.