SIMON Initially DISMISSED HER B/C OF HER LOOKS … Just Seconds Later … He Feels Like An IDIOT! AMAZING!

VIA| Few Britain’s Got Talent performers have made as big of an impression as the unforgettable Lettice Rowbotham, who blew away audiences back in the Spring 2014 season of the show before proceeding to take her incredible violin skills to the finals.

But it all started with her first audition, during which Lettice managed to win over the judges with her unlikely combination of ditzy charm and masterful violin abilities. None of the judges have ever seen anything like it – before or since!

Lettice is just 24, was “unprepared” for the audition and also was “too hungover to be stressed,” all according to the short interview shown before her performance. All of the judges look skeptical at first as she waltzes out onto the stage, but none more so than the sour-faced Simon Cowell.

But like so many other talented people, once Lettice is in her element with a violin in her hand she becomes unstoppable. Even Simon’s scowl turns into a stunned smile just a few seconds after Lettice’s bow hits the strings and those gorgeous chords come screaming out.

This happy, talented music star performed some pop-influenced violin covers and eventually became one of the only non-singers to make it to the semi-finals in last year’s competition. Sadly Lettice was eventually beat out in the finals, winning only 4.0% percent of the total votes but the entirety of many, many hearts around Britain.