SNL Hispanic Protest Fizzles: Proves Republican Establishment Has Been Feeding Their Rank and File Bullshit Since 1989

ELDER PATRIOT –  The events occurring outside of the studio hosting Donald Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last night confirmed, once again, that the Republican Party’s establishment leadership has no interest in what their voters want but instead are intent on doing the bidding of their corporate masters.

The establishment leaders have spent the past 30 years telling us that they cannot win general elections without caving in to the demands of the illegal immigrant Hispanic community.  Finally, a candidate has the stature and the brass to stand up to leadership on the issue of immigration and is in the process of exposing just how phony leadership’s claims really are.

A fringe group calling themselves organized an anti-Trump rally outside of the SNL studios last night in New York City.  According to witnesses they managed to turn out a few dozen sympathizers.  In a city of close to 2.5 million when only one person in every 100,000 Hispanic residents show up this can only mean one thing: this is a non-issue to the Hispanic community.  Frankly, Trump’s campaign rallies draw far more Hispanics than this among the tens of thousands who are regularly showing up to support him.  Could it be that mainstream Hispanics share the fear of losing their jobs to cheap foreign labor with other Americans?

APTOPIX Trump SNL Protest

The media always resorts to tight shots when crowds are small.  There are no pictures available with wider shots of the event.

Contrast this to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally held in 2010 in Washington D.C. that was attended by America’s “silent majority.”  While the mainstream media did their best to downplay the turnout there is no way to deny what the pictures tell us.


I was there that day and I can attest that the crowds extended across 17th Street NW and more than half-way to the Washington Monument. 

This is the tidal wave of voters and activists that can wash the Republican establishment out of office if they’re willing to do the hard work necessary during the primary process to cleanse the party of those claiming to be “conservatives” but whose voting records tell a far different story. 

It took an outsider named Ronald Reagan to shake the party to its moorings in 1980.  When his second term was over the establishment swooped back in.  Now, 27 years later another outsider has come forward to speak for the American people by shining the light of truth on the issues important to them, not the issues important to big government socialists or international bankers and corporate interests.  It appears the people are hearing his message loud and clear.