ELDER PATRIOT – Our acceptance of those who seek to corrupt our children has become appalling to people like me who remember an America where the police and courts were not the final authority that we turned to for protection from these predators.

A Nyack College softball coach has been arrested for improper sexual contact with his players.  Reports like this one are no longer shocking to the vast majority of Americans who read reports of “educators” taking their lessons too far, like this one did, on a daily basis and then sit back and demand action from the legal system.  This scumbag really lowered the bar, though.

Kurt Ludwigsen has been charged by at least three of his former players with routinely fondling them and verbally berating them.  There’s more.  After one of his pitchers lost a game he forced her to stand motionless while he began licking her ear and regaling her with this sweet prose: “I am going to ear f–k you. This is your punishment. You are going to stand here and take it.”   When [she] tried to pull away, Ludwigsen held her tighter and said, “Stop moving. I told you that you are going to stand here and take it. ”

Enough?  Not by a long shot.  After all these girls are students at a Christian college and they are in need of life counseling.  Who better to help them with this than their loving coach who brought in porn star Allie Haze in an attempt to recruit his players into becoming porn actresses.

In another instance he told a player that he had the “resources and connections to assist her” in becoming a stripper.

Nyack College bills itself as New York’s Christian College but hired Ludwigsen even after a background check revealed that he had been accused of sexual assault and harassment by a half-dozen teenaged girls that he coached in California.

Good luck to those girls seeking help from the criminal justice system that failed to protect them once before when it refused to bring charges in defense of the accusers in California. 

In my youth my father would’ve walked my sister over to the coach’s house to “discuss” his behavior.  When he answered the old man would’ve dragged him out front by his collar and then proceeded to unload a barrage on this creep that was sure to leave his knuckles bloodied and the freak unlikely to repeat his aberrant ways.  No police.  No lawyers.  Just results.  It was a simpler time.  And, I’ll add, a better time.