VIA| Muslims claim Jerusalem is their third holiest city, but Israel says they can’t enter if they’re going to attack Jews.

Israel on Sunday got real about halting the current wave of violence in Jerusalem’s Old City by barring entry to all Palestinian Muslims who aren’t registered local residents.

The move comes after days of violent and deadly assaults by Muslims on Jewish civilians.

The situation had gotten so out of hand by Sunday that Muslim rioters even attacked an Israeli ambulance that was transporting a fellow Palestinian Muslim who had been stabbed by another Palestinian Muslim who mistook him for a Jew!

The mainstream media and the international community predictably slandered Israel for daring to highlight the fact that Muslims had been responsible for the wave of violence, and for taking such drastic measures to actually protect its non-Muslim citizens.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also threatened to fast-track the demolition of the family homes of any Palestinians who engaged in terrorist activity, and a number of his cabinet ministers called for strong military action against the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure.