Soviet Style Politburo Instituted In U.S.

ELDER PATRIOT – “It could never happen here” was the way those who kept freedom alive by fighting two world wars comforted themselves following each successful progressive legislative and judicial attack on the Constitution.  These were advancements, after all, for the common good.  History, though, has taught us that the “common good” has always been the mantra that fueled support for repressive governments and has invariably resulted in severe curtailing of individual rights to the greatest number of its citizens and economic stagnation that accompanies these policies.

Because Americans are armed and cherish their freedoms, totalitarianism could not be accomplished by force under the direction of a dictatorial strongman.  Instead, the development of an oligarchy became the method used to strip us of our personal freedoms, the wealth we built, and even our children of $20 trillion of the money they are yet to earn.

In order to accomplish this, both of our major political parties morphed into two halves of a Soviet-style politburo that refuses to listen to the people who elected them.  Their refusal to listen to the people who gave them their power is not due to arrogance nor are their actions borne of superior intelligence, but rather their refusal to lead in the manner they promised has been by design.  It’s become clear to anyone with an IQ over 50 that whichever party seduced you into trusting it left you doing the walk of shame.

As the American people are awakening to these facts they have aggressively embraced insurgent candidates only to learn that it may all be in vain because our elections no longer have any meaning.

The Republican Party elites plan to ignore the fact that their rank and file voters have so far awarded 59% more delegates to Donald Trump than his nearest competitor and that it is likely that disparity will increase greatly before their convention.

The Republican elites are so unsure of their ability to stop Trump’s march towards the 1237 pledged delegates that should insure his nomination that they are now exploring ways to unseat pledged delegates before they become certified.  This would prevent Trump’s delegates from voting for him on the convention floor and keep him from reaching what has always been considered the Holy Grail for any candidate seeking the nomination, the majority of the delegates.

The Democrats are no different.  Hillary Clinton’s pledged delegate lead over Bernie Sanders is only 27% and is likely to shrink as the primaries now move to states more open to Sanders’ message.  This is evidenced by Sanders’ resounding primary and caucus victories in five of the last six Democrat contests with his margin of victory ranging from 39% to 63% of the vote.

The possibility that Bernie Sanders can overtake Hillary Clinton among pledged delegates is becoming much more likely than anything that’s happening on the Republican side but the politburo’s darling, Hillary Clinton, is assured of the nomination because the party reserves 714 super delegates to assign to the candidate of their choosing. 

In its most egregious application this would force a challenger to like Sanders to rack up an almost impossible 59% of the delegates while the party’s apparatchik would need only 41% to win.  This may well be the scenario by the time the Democrats convene in Philadelphia.  Currently there are 16 times as many super delegates pledging themselves to Clinton than to Sanders.

If you wonder why nothing changes regardless of which party wins elections it’s because our elections have devolved into the choice of two “washed” and “oligarchy approved” candidates with little substantive difference between them.  We now have a Soviet style politburo running America.