In the aftermath of the historic BREXIT vote, which has been dubbed Great Britain’s “Independence Day”, it got me thinking about our upcoming July 4th celebrations.  But before I get to that, did you know that the regressive Left Authoritarians have already declared that calling the Brexit vote Britain’s “Independence Day” is a “micro-aggression”?  So says an editorial by Yasmin Ahmed from the U.K. newspaper “Independent”, who grouses that:  “…using the rhetoric of “Independence Day” is deeply insensitive. Traditionally, an “Independence Day” marks the end of colonialism and ownership. It’s completely inaccurate to equate Brexit with the liberation of ex-colonies from imperial powers.”

Listen up, Ahmed!  The EU is a dictatorship.  It has a ceremonial Parliament with no power.  It hands down edicts from a vast bureaucracy of unelected, unaccountable, bureaucrats who exempt themselves from the laws and from taxation.  Brexit is directly analogous to member states leaving the old Soviet Union.  That isn’t just me saying that, either.  None other than Vladimir Putin said it.  You want to talk about “imperial powers”?  The EU just announced it is forming its own military, and will now demand that its members dissolve their own militaries—expressly as a means to keep them from leaving the E.U.  That’s power from the barrel of a gun, Ahmed.  That’s the definition of captivity!  I’m surprised you have trouble recognizing it, or that you have a problem with it, based on the cultural background of anybody named Ahmed.  So sit down and shut up.


Now back to the upcoming July 4th celebrations.  My town, like most towns in America, is going to be holding a fireworks display soon.  I don’t see the point in such celebrations.  What do they have to do with independence?  It is an event where:

1) Lots of police are present ordering you around;

2) You are told you can’t park in a lot of places you normally can;

3) You are personally subjected to a frisk and pat down, and the cold nose of a

               drug sniffing dog in your crotch;

4) You aren’t allowed to bring in your own cooler with food and drink;

5) You aren’t allowed to drink alcohol;

6) You aren’t allowed to smoke, not even a smokeless e-cigarette;

7) You aren’t allowed to bring your dog or other pet;

8) You aren’t allowed to play catch with a ball or throw a Frisbee;

9) You aren’t allowed to fire off your own fireworks;

10) You aren’t allowed to bring your firearms.

This isn’t an exhaustive list.  Not even close.  But you get the idea.  This is our idea of celebrating our “Independence”?  Independence from what?  Certainly not a tyrannical, over-taxing, police state, that’s for sure.  I never go to these events anymore.  I can see the fireworks from my front steps, anyway, and enjoy a beer and a smoke while I watch.

Is America still the “land of the free and the home of the brave”?  You tell me:

A New Jersey elementary school called the police after a third-grade student made a comment about the brownies being served in class and another student called the remark “racist.”  A police officer from the Collingswood Police Department showed up at William P. Tatem Elementary School to question the boy, who is 9.  Police later contacted the boy’s father and referred the incident to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.  This means the State may file a lawsuit to take cutody of the child away from his parents.

You still think we’re free?  Wake up and see the bars on your cage.


I haven’t celebrated July 4th since Barack Obama started his occupation of the White House.  Every year, things just get worse.  This year it has come out that Obama is shipping in illegals from Mexico and Central America who HAVE TUBERCULOSIS!  Thousands of them.  Thousands of children with TB, Polio, Scabies, and several other diseases that were eradicated in this country.  Now there are epidemics of these diseases breaking out all over the place.  Illegal children with these diseases are being placed in the schools OUR children go to, putting them at mortal risk.


Folks, this is the 21st century version of small pox laden blankets being given to the Indians, and it is Obama doing it to us.  Because he hates white people, and he hates Christians.  Obama looks at America the same way King Edward looked at Scotland in the movie Braveheart.  “The problem with Scotland is that it is filled with Scots,” declares Longshanks.  His solution is to send English soldiers to Scotland to rape the women on their wedding night.  Obama thinks that America has a problem too.  He thinks it has too many Americans, and he is shipping in millions upon millions of Third Worlders to “fundamentally transform” the country.  The whole operation is illegal, and treason, and he’s getting away with it.  The American people see what is happening, and that is why they gave the Republican nomination to Donald Trump, because he is the only guy promising to stop this engineered invasion. 

Just as in Europe, the Elites who want to destroy the nation states in favor of a Globalist New World Order have figured out how to weaponize immigrants and migration.  Instead of using Panzers, Angela Merkel uses Rapefugees.  Instead of using mere tyranny, Obama is using germ warfare against America.  This Independence Day, think about what you can do to stop it.