SPECIAL EDITION : Media Report August 23rd 2015: Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a speech "Frontlines and Frontiers: Making Human Rights a Human Reality" at Dublin City University in Ireland on December 6, 2012. Clinton on December 6 issued a sharp warning to European and central Asian nations that some countries were backsliding on democratic values and human rights. AFP PHOTO / POOL / KEVIN LAMARQUE (Photo credit should read KEVIN LAMARQUE/AFP/Getty Images)

ELDER PATRIOT – The Daily Caller has explained Hillary Clinton’s defense for mishandling classified information while secretary of state.  Her new defense was outlined by Brian Fallon, of her campaign team this past week, when he claimed she was the unwitting recipient of it!  This defense defies credulity.

Bottom line: Mrs. Clinton committed a felony when she set up a private email server in direct violation of the guidelines for handling classified information under the Espionage Act. 

Additionally, any classified information that was contained in any emails that she had received demanded action on her part.  Under the law, she had an obligation under federal law to immediately report the violation.

The fact that her previous claim that there were no emails containing classified information on her illegal private server has been proven to be a bald-faced lie should disqualify any future Clinton testimony on this matter.


The Hill reports that Mrs. Clinton’s “campaign is blaming the media for fomenting the controversy over her use of a private email server.”

Campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri claimed, “it’s worth repeating what Hillary said as she was walking away from the press conference, which is:  The press has a lot of questions about the emails but the voters don’t.”

Really, Hillary???  Maybe not the couple of hundred sycophants who continue to show up at your events but there’s a reason she’s dropping in the polls and recent polls show that over fifty percent of the public does not trust her.

The fact is Mrs. Clinton has followed in her husband’s footsteps by exposing national secrets that threaten our country’s sovereignty.  That they are both adherents to the creation of a new world order and the media has remained mum in reporting this properly puts the lie to her claim that the media is just out to get her.


The New York Post clarified the procedures Mrs. Clinton went through upon becoming secretary of state, and when she vacated the position.

When she was “read in” upon becoming secretary of state in 2009, diplomatic security officials schooled Mrs. Clinton in the proper procedures to identify and handle classified information.

When she retired from the position in 2013 she went through a “read off” where other diplomatic security officials made certain she understood her obligation to turn back any and all classified documents including the server(s) they were received or sent from.


More from the Daily Caller where they report that senior military and intelligence officials are vociferously responding to Hillary Clinton’s tweet claiming “Our ridiculous classification rules are the real problem.”

Lt. Col. James Williamson who spent a quarter of a century serving in our Special Forces fired back:  “It’s not up to her to decide what level it’s classified at.  It’s up to her to obey the law, and clearly she did not.  If someone doesn’t have the sense to recognize classified material, they shouldn’t be in such a sensitive position, much less secretary of state.”

Brig. Gen. Kenneth Berquist chimed in:  “this is hubris.  This is an example where people say, I don’t play by the rules.”

E.P. bet:  Given time investigators will discover emails exposing Mrs. Clinton’s culpability in the Benghazi massacre where she turned her back on those in service to our country. 


Editorial Comment:

Mrs. Clinton has consistently demonstrated her belief that the laws that apply to the rest of us do not apply to her.  Additionally, Mrs. Clinton has long demonstrated her disdain for the military back dating to her days as First Lady when she insisted officers assigned to the White House serve her guests rather than treat them with the respect they earned.  When added to her disregard for protecting our national security interests she represents a threat to our country’s sovereignty.  Finally, her failure to ever accept blame for her actions and instead pass it on to anyone and everyone else should eliminate her as a legitimate candidate to become the next president of the United States.