Spending Reveals Desperation In The Clinton Camp

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton may be a Grade A certified bitch but she is no one’s idiot.  Trailing Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by 31 points in the most recent CNN/WMUR poll, Mrs. Clinton knows she must reinvent herself once again if she hopes to successfully secure the Democratic nomination and ultimately the presidency.

In an election marked by voter dissatisfaction that is leading to a rejection of establishment candidates Mrs. Clinton finds herself the longest running Washington insider of all.  This has left her scrambling for a message that will resonate with voters beyond only the most seriously committed Feminists and Blacks.

This explains why she’s outspending the top six Republican candidates combined on pollsters.  Mrs. Clinton sees polling as both the predictive and testing tools necessary to craft her message – whatever message the pollsters tell her will be successful – to win the low information and easily swayed voters to her side.

Mrs. Clinton hopes to serve as the political front for Corporate America and, by extension the Global Elite.  This is evidenced by Goldman Sachs payment of $675,000 to Mrs. Clinton for a one-hour speech.  Unless this payment was an effort to secure their predatory position as overseer of the United States’ economy, why would Goldman Sachs pay such an exorbitant sum to a scandal plagued old lady with no accomplishments on her resume except for her long list of corruptible contacts strategically placed throughout Congress and the numerous government agencies.

Mrs. Clinton understands her only role in this gambit is to get elected by any means necessary so that she can be the American representative of the Ruling Elite and their leader in continuing the financial rape of America and Americans otherwise she becomes worthless to them.  This is why they are donating so generously to her campaign and why she’s spending so much of that money on pollsters in an effort to find a way, any way, to find the message that would allow her to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people once again.

Further highlighting the delicate line that the Democrats are walking this election cycle in their effort to permanently finalize their representation of the Ruling Elite in America is Bernie Sanders’ polling bill for last quarter.  In excess of a half-million dollars that too is more than any single Republican has spent.

For these two Democrat candidates it’s not about leadership but about getting elected so that they continue leading the American sheople to slaughter.

The story is much the same on the Republican side where only Donald Trump and Ben Carson have eschewed paying pollsters to help them craft their messages.  They are the only two candidates who we can be certain are telling it to us the way they see it.  Their authenticity, at least, is undeniable. 

Ted Cruz has spent the most money on polling of all of the Republican candidates.  Cruz has also spent a whopping $3 million on “donor modeling” to provide deep analytics into strategically parsing his positions to appeal to the broadest segment of Republican primary voters as possible. 

Be forewarned, as with Barack Obama what you see may not be what you get.