Stop The Islamic Invasion

ELDER PATRIOT – The problem that Americanized Muslims face in attempting to live peacefully in the United States is the Islamist radicals who live among, and are undetectable from them.  This should be their problem.  The president and congress insist on making it ours.

The New York Times recently printed a graph of “Deaths from extremist attacks in the U.S. since 9/11.” 


The graph shows two lines measuring the total number of deaths annually resulting from attacks committed by Islamic extremists and non-Islamic extremists.  The lines strikingly mirror each other, if we are to believe both their means of categorizing each attack and the attacks they’ve decided to count.  In any event, we can trust that the Times’ has chosen to paint the Islamic-related attacks in the most favorable light possible.

With 2.75 million Muslims currently residing in the United States this graph suggests Americans are 120 times more likely to die at the hands of an Islamic extremist than any other extremist.   It is also important to keep in mind how many of the attacks committed by non-Islamists have ultimately been attributed to those holding no motivating political ideology.

We can never stop every terror attack no matter how many civil liberties we strip from the people in the effort to do so.  Therefore our efforts should be centered on eliminating as many potential sources of terrorism as possible.  With the probability 120 times greater that a Muslim is likely to commit an act of terror than are other Americans among the general population, stopping the inflow of additional Muslims is only logical.

As a comparison, our government has been waging a war on cigarette smoking through the implementation of taxes and a costly ad campaign.  That’s because smokers are, get this, four times as likely to get lung cancer as non-smokers. 

Granted the relative number of attacks is currently small but new facts suggest that is only a temporary situation.  FBI Director James Comey admitted earlier this year that, “We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states.”  He’s admitted to over 1,000 active investigations of Muslim extremist groups.  The number of investigations continues growing as more is learned and as ISIS’ successful social media campaign endures.

The problem is those are only the threats that the FBI has been able to identify.  Last week’s attack in San Bernardino not only wasn’t identified in time to prevent it but the Muslims involved were so deeply buried that even after an exhaustive ten day investigation they cannot be tied directly to a known terror cell.  Unless they were an undetected terror cell on their own along with those other Muslims who had knowledge of their plan and supplied material support.  In that event, the threat multiplies exponentially.

So, why do the Ruling Elite in Washington insist on more deficit spending to fund the Trojan horse they are inviting into our country?  Has the Saudi money bought so much influence that our elected representatives would abrogate their primary responsibility of protecting the citizens who elected them?  It’s distressing to contemplate that our representatives’ greed is creating debt that our children will be paying to fund a threat to their safety now.

Sadly, our desire for comity and civility has brought us to elect this one-party system that lacks any semblance to the system of checks and balances that our Founders instituted for our protection from the tyranny of government.