VIA| When talking about sex, drugs and late nights I’m usually talking about how I spend my weekends but this time, I’m talking science. We recently told how how staying up late at night is linked to intelligence and now we’ve got a better idea of what these clever cats are up to on their all-nighters.

Various studies have published results that say if you’re up ’til late, smoking weed and getting laid, you’re basically a genius (I’ve been saying this for years and now you’ll have to believe me).

You’ve heard of Oxford and Cambridge, right? Where apparently the World’s smartest individuals attend before going on to conquer their chosen fields in the world. Well, English researchers have discovered that students at these prestigious Universities spend more time having sex, getting stoned and staying up later than their peers and perhaps that’s the secret.


The research, funded by showed that Oxbridge students have spent over $30,000 dollars on toys to accessorise their thrilling lives in the sheets. Unless they were part of some kind of scientific experiment? If so, I’d like to see the results and methodology.

The correlation probably has something to do with the open-mindedness that comes with intelligence,” 23-year-old Annalisa Rose, an employee of high-end sex shop “Honey” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, told Esquire.

I think that the ability to engage in an open sex life comes with the abilities of introspection and logical thought, and those require some level of intelligence. If we’re talking about an open sex life that comes from an emotionally healthy place, sexual mores are mostly made up anyway and intelligent people can rationalize past them,” she said.

When they’re not too busy getting laid, smart people also tend to dabble in drug usage too. Now, I’m by no means promoting this – I’m just reporting the statistics that state that smarter people are more likely to smoke weed and do a line or two than the average simpleton. On a positive note, various studies show they’d opt for these two drugs rather than heroin because they’re more likely to pursue the more evolutionary novel choice, one that would expand their horizons. (Don’t do drugs, stay in school, political correct interlude yada yada.)

A 2010 study in Psychology today further emphasises the nexus between drugs and brains,

Net of sex, religion, religiosity, marital status, number of children, education, earnings, depression, satisfaction with life, social class at birth, mother’s education, and father’s education, British children who are more intelligent before the age of 16 are more likely to consume psychoactive drugs at age 42 than less intelligent children. 

… there is a clear monotonic association between childhood general intelligence and adult consumption of psychoactive drugs. “Very bright” individuals (with IQs above 125) are roughly three-tenths of a standard deviation more likely to consume psychoactive drugs than “very dull” individuals (with IQs below 75).

In a nut shell, rebelling against conservatism are said to be sexier and more fun to hang out with (which we all knew anyway), but as well as that, they’re also said to be smarter and more groomed for success.

So you just ponder on that one the next time you’re up at 3am with a bowl of cereal and an unknown person naked in your bed.