Super Bowl 50: America In Decline

ELDER PATRIOT – Once again Roger Goodell has proven what a political asswipe he can be.  Since the beginning of Obama’s presidency Goodell has aligned the league with the Obama administration’s policies as though he’s afraid of what our third world dictator might do him.  Goodell’s term as NFL commissioner has been marred by more than his share of mistakes but there was simply no excuse for the disgusting show at halftime of the Super Bowl that he sanctioned, even for an Obama butt-sniffer like him.


This is the image of America the NFL projected at halftime of Super Bowl 50

Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z flexed their political muscle during the presentation and Goodell allowed it, once again proving what a good little lapdog he can be.

Last week Jay-Z donated $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter and in a transparent effort to profit from the current black mindset, Beyonce’s performance at halftime of her new single “Formation” was synchronized to coincide with the launching of a social media marketing campaign celebrating black liberation politics.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have every right to market themselves as they see fit.  In fact marketing to satisfy current trends is smart business.  However, Commissioner Goodell’s willingness to allow the league’s showcase event to be involved was unseemly.

Under Goodell’s “leadership” he has allowed the league to be used to advance the Left wing’s agenda on a regular basis and finally it appears many fans are turning away in disgust. 

Goodell would do well to read the tea leaves, Americans are sick of fringe elements being elevated to positions of overriding importance while the rights of the majority of Americans are being trampled on.