ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Donald Trump rode a wave of Republican voter anger to victory Tuesday night against the party establishment and the Washington D.C. oligarchs.  Out of eleven states holding primary elections, Trump won seven, while Cruz won three, and Rubio took one.

The results:

Alabama:  Donald Trump won with 43% of the vote, very close to the 42% of the Real Clear Politics Average.  Cruz over-performed, clearing the 20% qualifying threshold with 21%.  Cruz had only been polling at 16%.  Rubio was spot on his polling number, coming in with 19% of the vote, and missing the qualifying threshold for delegates.  If the Establishment tampered with voting machines to help Rubio, then they are doing it wrong.  Or did they?  As you will see below, out of the 50 delegates in Alabama, only 30 were allocated.  What happened to the other missing 20 delegates?  Well, it turns out that they are “held back” and reserved to “The Party”.  And you are going to see these delegate hold backs in almost every state.  So the Oligarchy retains the cards to deny Trump the nomination through Super Delegates and last minute rule changes by the party Rules Committee.  The question is:  Are the Oligarchs willing to burn down the Republican Party to deny Trump the nomination?  Because if they do, you can be sure that the party will not survive the resulting schism.

50 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Trump 28, Cruz 2.  Oligarchs 20.

Alaska:  Cruz had a miracle, going from 19% in the polls to 36% of the actual vote.  Either the polling in Alaska was seriously flawed, or the vote counting was seriously suspect.  Trump exceeded his polling number of 28.4%, getting 34% of the vote.  Rubio got 15%, making the 13% qualifying threshold for delegates, while Ben Carson narrowly missed with 11% of the vote.  Kasich was a blip at 4%. 

28 delegates, proportional allocation:  Cruz 12, Trump 11, Rubio 5

Arkansas:  Trump had a surprise win over Cruz in Arkansas.  Trump had been polling at 23%, but ended up with 33% of the vote.  Cruz had polled at 27%, and came in with 31% of the vote.  Rubio beat his 23% polling number by 2 points, coming in with 25% of the vote.  Kasich and Carson were both and single digits and failed to win any delegates.

40 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Trump 13, Cruz 9, Rubio 6.  The Oligarchs held back 12 delegates.

Colorado:  My mistake for mentioning Colorado in my Super Tuesday Preview column yesterday.  I did not realize that the Colorado Republican Party had decided to disenfranchise every Republican voter in the state with its decision to not allow voters to caucus.  Instead “your betters”, the Party Elders will select delegates to go to Cleveland and vote “for you” (hahaha) at the Convention.  To paraphrase Mel Brooks:  It’s good to be the Oligarchy!

Georgia:  Trump won, matching his polling number of 39%.  Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio broke the 20% qualifying threshold, taking 24% and 25% respectively, and will take home some delegates. 

76 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Trump 40, Rubio 18, Cruz 14.  4 delegates held back.

Massachusetts:  Trump won with 49% of the vote.  The Boston Herald reported nearly 20,000 Bay State Democrats fled the party this winter, with thousands doing so to join the Republican ranks, according to the state’s top elections official, Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin.  Galvin called both shifts “significant” changes that dwarf similar shifts in prior years.  The primary reason? Galvin said his “guess” is simple: “The Trump phenomenon”.  With Democrat help, Trump almost won the state outright, being just shy of 50% of the vote.  Rubio and Kasich both got 18%.  Massachusetts has an extremely low qualifying threshold of only 5%, so everybody got some delegates except Ben Carson, who only got 3% of the vote.

42 delegates, proportional allocation:  Trump 22, Rubio 8, Kasich 8, Cruz 4

Minnesota:  This was the only win of the night for Marco Rubio, coming in with 37% of the vote, and exceeding his pre-election polling by 14 points.  Ted Cruz came in second with 29% of the vote, and Donald Trump came in third with 21%.   John Kasich and Ben Carson both were in single digits, and managed to miss Minnesota’s low qualifying threshold of just 10%, and didn’t win any delegates. 

38 delegates, caucus allocation:  Rubio 14, Cruz 13, Trump 10

Oklahoma:  Ted Cruz won Oklahoma with 34.4% of the vote, followed by Donald Trump with 28.3%, and Marco Rubio with 26%

43 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Cruz 14, Trump 12, Rubio 11, Oligarchy 6

Tennessee:  Trump won with 38.9% of the vote, followed by Cruz with 24.7% and Rubio with 21.2%

58 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Trump 31, Cruz 14, Rubio 9

Texas:  This was the big Must-Win for Ted Cruz, and he won Texas convincingly with 43.8% of the vote.  Trump was a distant second with 26.8%, and Rubio with only 17.7%, falling below the qualifying 20% threshold, and gaining no delegates from the Texas treasure trove. reported widespread voter fraud in Texas, specifically that voting machines had been rigged to convert Trump votes into Rubio votes.  The problem was so widespread that radio stations all over Texas were deluged with calls from Trump voters complaints. 

An interesting fact:  Donald Trump won every county in Texas along the Mexican Border.  Even with some of the highest local Hispanic populations, these residents STILL want a wall built to protect the border.  Pro Amnesty Rubio only won one county in the state:  Austin.

155 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Cruz 99, Trump 33, the balance (23) held back by the Oligarchy.

Vermont:  Donald Trump won with 32.7% of the vote, (which was nearly identical to his polling numbers).  John Kasich came in second with 30.4%, over twice the 14% figure he had been polling at.  Marco Rubio came in third at 19.3%, narrowly missing the qualifying threshold of 20% and earning no delegates.

16 delegates, hybrid allocation:  Trump 6, Kasich 6, Oligarchy 4

Virginia:  Trump wins with 34.7%.  Marco Rubio comes in second, receiving a vote share miraculously 10 points higher than his polling numbers going into Super Tuesday, jumping from 22% to 31.9%.  But perhaps a “miracle” is the wrong word:  Evidence of ballot tampering by the Party Establishment was rampant, like this ballot that was pre-marked for Rubio that was given to a Trump voter.   


Other reports of vote fraud coming out of Virginia included poll workers stuffing completed ballots into duffel bags. 

49 delegates, proportional allocation: Trump 17, Rubio 16, Cruz 8, Kasich 5, Carson 3

Wyoming:  Sorry, Wyoming.  Like Colorado, your state Republican Party decided to deny you the opportunity to caucus and vote Tuesday night.  Instead, delegates chosen by the Oligarchy will vote for you at the Cleveland Convention.