Super Tuesday Results Show Trump’s Broad Appeal

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump was asked how is going to overcome the Party Elite and the billionaire donors who demand control over the party during a press conference last night.  His answer was measured and gave us a peek into how he uses leverage to bring people to the bargaining table.

He pointed out how he had now won South Carolina and New Hampshire, Georgia and Vermont, and Virginia and Alabama as proof that he can win across all demographic groups.  He highlighted the incredible increase in turnout by voters in every primary and caucus to date because of his presence in the race.  Trump has more to tell party leadership but he will save it for behind closed doors where it can be kept secret so as to not damage party unity.

Rubio has proven he has no appeal other than for Kool-Aid drinking party sycophants who would vote for a cardboard cutout of Bob Dole if directed to.  Cruz is a marvelous conservative who has little to no appeal across the broad spectrum of America’s political landscape as last night clearly illustrated.  Trump has now won more delegates than all of his opponents combined.

No matter what party leadership or the other candidates say publicly they know it’s over for them.  Unlike past insurgents who would be steamrolled by the Elites, Trump has the means to challenge them in November.  And, because he doesn’t need whatever they can offer him to get out, they hold no sway over him.  The threat of a third party challenge or of bringing in someone like Mitt Romney at the convention would only make a Trump presidency more likely because the only one to lose votes in that scenario would be Hillary Clinton.  In that scorched earth approach the Republican Party would be committing suicide, not just for 2016 but, for eternity.

Cooler heads will prevail among the party’s elite just as it did after they suffered a cataleptic fit in 1980 when Ronald Reagan seized control of the party. 

Like Reagan, Trump is conducting a leveraged buyout of a severely damaged, and therefore undervalued, asset – The Republican Party.  Get ready for President Trump.