Surprise: Fascists Obama And AG Lynch Discuss Silencing Dissenters

ELDER PATRIOT – Under the direction of President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been conferring with the FBI in an attempt to criminalize any further discussion by critics of the Left’s position on global climate change.

This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted.

The discussions between Obama and Lynch concerned the use of RICO statutes to silence the uncomfortably large number of contrarians within the scientific community.

Obama was first made aware of the strategy during a visit with radical Leftist Jagadish Shukla of George Mason University who conceived of prosecuting dissenters under RICO using the same theory that was previously employed to prosecute the tobacco industry.

It’s interesting to note that the tobacco industry is still thriving.  The only difference is that the government has horned in on the action in much the same way any other mob-related operation does business.

Total sales of tobacco products in the U.S. tops $65 billion and with an average profit margin of 9.3% tobacco companies net an estimated $6 billion in profits.  That sounds like a lot until you hear what the federal government alone rakes in from the excise tax it has imposed on the sale of tobacco products, in excess of a whopping $15.5 billion!  And that’s after the federal government extracted a $250 billion settlement from the industry!  Add state and local taxes onto that and now you see how the various layers of government profit from people’s vices just like the mob that the RICO statutes were intended to help prosecute.

This was likely the precise way that Marxist Shukla presented Obama with his plan.  Shukla, himself, is under investigation for misusing $63 million in taxpayer-funded grants as part of the largest science scandal in U.S. history proving he’s well-versed in using the mechanisms of government to defraud the American people.

The ripping off of the American people just never stops and the mainstream media is complicit by their silence.  Of even greater concern is how an industry that should cherish the protections guaranteed by the First Amendment instead has nothing to say when others stand to be prosecuted for exercising those same rights.