Takeaways From Super Tuesday 2.0

ELDER PATRIOT – The continuing discussions about denying Donald Trump the nomination only serves to prove that the Neocon establishment Republicans that have had control of the party since George H.W. Bush held office and who now openly declare their plans to block Donald Trump from getting the nomination at all costs doesn’t now, and never intended to serve the people who elected them.  That is unless it’s to serve their wallets on a platter to corporate and billionaire donors.


Ted Cruz’s problem with gaining the Evangelical vote can be blamed on George W, Bush and the Republican six-year majorities in both the House and Senate from 2001-2007 when they failed to advance any legislation that would end or limit abortion.  After five years in the Senate Cruz is viewed by many as part of the machine that boasts about their pro-life principles during their campaigns then does nothing about it until the next campaign cycle.

These Evangelicals have not softened their pro-life view.  They have shifted their vote to Donald Trump so that they may at least continue to have a roof over their heads and some food on their tables.      


Trump’s voters aren’t angry.  They’re optimistic.  Angry people would’ve put a severe beat-down on the badly outnumbered (10-1) agitators who waded into their party uninvited and with malice in their hearts.


To some degree the bluster that the Republican elites are blowing in the direction of Donald Trump, with their declarations of supporting Hillary Clinton instead, is laughable unless they really do not care about the death of their party.  If that’s the case it raises the question of just how close to total global control over our country have they so far delivered us and, whether only another four more years under the same management will have ended the importance of elections altogether. 


John Kasich’s win in Ohio was nice for him but there is too much evidence that he doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning in the general election.  While it’s true that Ohio has served as a bellwether of sorts in predicting who will win the general election, the path to the White House for a Republican demands winning Texas and Florida in the general election above all else.

Kasich won only 6.8% of the vote in Florida yesterday.  Hillary Clinton got almost 1.1 million votes yesterday while Kasich got under 160,000.    Even Cruz’s third-place finish and 402,000 votes has to make any realist look elsewhere for their candidate.

Kasich fared even worse in Texas where he collected only 4.2% of the vote.

With Rubio now out of the race, Kasich is the lone establishment spoiler remaining to block Trump from getting to the magical 1237 number.  Cruz, with absolutely no chance of reaching 1237, is a spoiler but he has enough delegates to at least make a case for staying in.


Ask yourself these questions:

If the Republican elites truly had an interest in solving the problems that beset their rank and file why would they be running away from a billionaire problem solver? 

Why don’t they consider his billionaire status as giving them a candidate who understands the need for wealth accumulation as a precursor to economic investment and growth?

May I suggest two answers?

Political parties do not want to solve problem because that’ll leave them without issues to run on in the future.

They’re petrified by Trump’s nativist steak that will openly challenge the politicians of both parties who have been systematically bankrupting the U.S. economy in order to fund the development of the much larger potential of the six billion person world market for their corporate and banking donors.


In any other year Ted Cruz’s dismal performances in Florida and Ohio would’ve seen him suspending his campaign.  With only 17.1% of the vote in the critical state of Florida and 13.1% of the vote in the bellwether state of Ohio why does he think he is still in consideration?

If Cruz weren’t consumed by his avarice for the office of president he’d cut the best deal he could right now with Trump.  That would give Trump the commanding delegate count necessary to surpass the 1237 in order to avoid a brokered convention and it would give Cruz the best deal he’s going to see.

If Cruz thinks he’s going to be the beneficiary of a brokered convention he’s sadly mistaken.  The longer Cruz stays in the more obvious it’s going to become that Trump won’t need him because voters in the remaining states are unlikely to be kind to him.


While addressing a group in Boca Raton John Boehner said, “If we don’t have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I’m for none of the above. They all had a chance to win. None of them won. So I’m for none of the above. I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.”

The party is intent on handing the nomination to Paul Ryan if they can in anyway justify brokering the convention and stealing this from Trump and his supporters.  That would be the same Paul Ryan who consistently declares he’s a fiscal conservative and just as consistently votes to fund every aspect of the Obama-Globalist agenda just as John Boehner, his predecessor, did.

So to paraphrase both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz when they try to scare you about voting for Trump, a vote for Ted Cruz or John Kasich has become a vote for John Boehner, Paul Ryan and his Obama-Globalist agenda.

Fully 67% of Republican primary voters chose “outsiders” Trump (42%) or Cruz (25%,) but who cares about the voters?


On Saturday the Republican’s held a little publicized primary in Washington D.C. that served to illustrate how the party takes every opportunity to skew the results.  There were 19 delegates awarded though only 2800 voters showed up or one for every 147 voters.  Last night there were 358 delegates awarded for the 7.7 million voters who showed up or one delegate for every 21,449 voters.  The reason?  Only inside the beltway establishment types actually reside in Washington D.C. so the elites know they can count on them to screw the little people.


While the media and his fellow Republicans decry Trump as a racist and a chauvinist, he is winning across all demographic groups and everywhere in the country.  In the process he is proving that there is no need to cede the country to any special interest groups because enough of their members just want to be Americans.


Late last night Newt Gingrich said that Cruz is right it’s now a two-man race – Trump and Hillary.  The results of last night left the Republican elites with two choices; get behind Donald Trump or end the charade and simply hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton.  That would save a lot of time, energy and money that can better be spent preparing to leave the country.