VIA| Why are we teaching American kids about Islam while leaving out the “radical” portion?

It makes zero sense.

We’re at war this very moment – and have been for the last 14-plus years – with radical Islamists, and we want future generations of children to learn about the Quran?


Here’s a mother’s response to her seventh grade son’s homework…

From Conservative Tribune via Mad World News:

Tara Cali opened her son’s history textbook to help him with his homework, and she noticed the lesson was all about Islam. The accompanying worksheet asked students to learn and list things such as the “Pillars of Islam” and “Islamic Beliefs and Practices.”

The assignment went as far as having an interactive code the students could scan with their cell phone to hear an actual Muslim call to prayer.

Enraged that her teenage child was being indoctrinated with the Islamic religion, Cali wrote an epic message back to the teacher on the worksheet.

“My son WILL not be a part of this in any sort of way,” she began. “This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake”

Cali uploaded the worksheet and her powerful response to Facebook, launching a debate regarding the teacher’s assignment and whether students should be forced to learn about the controversial religion.

“If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer,” she concluded, giving her son a lesson in standing up for your beliefs and your God.


Here is one of the pages from the textbook, per the seventh grader’s mother…



Pretty crazy that a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles is no longer permitted to teach Christianity in schools, but Islam – Islam – is acceptable.

It’s almost like educators these days (or the people calling the shots) want to see America fail.

Yeah. Almost.

This mother took a stand, and hopefully more will too.

Numbers don’t lie, and the United States is still 70-plus percent Christian. Teach kids about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Stop the politically correct [expletive deleted]!