Ted Cruz Has Become An Establishment Stooge

ELDER PATRIOT – In his avarice to gain the presidency Ted Cruz has chosen to ignore the adage, “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”  Mr. Cruz’s acceptance of the establishment’s narrative solely because it offers a short-term benefit to his own campaign is revealing his willingness to misrepresent facts if doing so inures to his advantage.

Two weeks ago Donald Trump was forced to cancel a rally in Chicago when violent agitators pushed their way into the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion that Trump had rented for the evening.  The media immediately spun this as a result of Mr. Trump’s words. 

Mr. Cruz seized upon this narrative to denounce Mr. Trump’s campaign style rather than to blame the agitators.  For a self-proclaimed Constitutionalist Mr. Cruz is well aware that violence in the face of speech that might offend is not excusable.  Especially when it comes to political speech.  As well, unless Mr. Cruz believes himself to be somehow exempt from such violence, he well knows that he will face the same rioters should he be successful in securing his party’s nomination.  Mr. Cruz must be saving his defense of the First Amendment for then. 

Fast forward to this past Tuesday night when a PAC that shares Mr. Cruz’s goal of derailing Donald Trump released a Facebook ad that was meant to paint Mr. Trump’s wife in a demeaning light so as to increase Mr. Cruz’s chance of sweeping the vote in Utah.  Mr. Cruz had an opportunity to place a private call to Mr. Trump and disavow any prior knowledge of the ad and to apologize for it.  He chose not to.

Why?  Because he had prior knowledge that the establishment with whom he is now aligned would hijack the narrative and spin it in Mr. Cruz’s favor.  This became evident after Donald Trump tweeted a warning to Mr. Cruz that he “might spill the beans on Heidi,” Mr. Cruz’s wife. 

Lo and behold New York Magazine ran a feature story entitled, “Attacking Heidi Cruz, for Her Depression is a Disgraceful Move.”  There’s only one problem with that headline, Donald Trump never mentioned anything regarding Heidi Cruz’s depression.

The phony narrative didn’t stop there.  The third paragraph into the story this third-rate report claims:  This latest development was kickstarted [sp.] by Trump’s tweet to Cruz the other night threatening to “spill the beans” about Heidi,” as though Donald Trump’s tweet had come without any provocation whatsoever.

Mr. Cruz took this opening from the mainstream media and ran with.  Late in the day yesterday he looked into a television camera and attempted to convince viewers he would defend Mrs. Cruz by every means possible.  While that is commendable the words that he chose throughout this tawdry episode suggests that this event was orchestrated in advance.  His words came straight from the movie “American President.”

Regardless of how one interprets Mr. Cruz’s reaction, whether noble or over-the-top, his willingness to embrace two false dialogues in less than two weeks should trouble voters craving truth and clarity from their political leaders.  Similarly his unwillingness to offer an apology when these events first began should be just as troubling.  In fact, Mr. Cruz has only apologized once during his campaign that has been marked by his use of controversial tactics and that was to Dr. Ben Carson after the damage to Mr. Carson had been perfected.  Perhaps he was hopeful Dr. Carson would eventually endorse him.

Mr. Cruz’s actions continually prove he is from the same stock of old-fashioned deceitful politician that Americans are now rejecting.