Ted Cruz: “I’m Winning. Really, I’m Winning!

ELDER PATRIOT – The only hope for Republican Elites to keep the nomination for themselves is to drag us into a contested convention.  This requires stripping Donald Trump of every delegate possible to prevent him from arriving in Cleveland with 1237 delegates pledged to him on the first ballot.


To do this they’ve created a narrative around Ted Cruz’s Wisconsin victory that he now has unstoppable momentum and that Donald Trump is in the process of crashing and burning.


Ted Cruz has picked up on this and is crowing as though he’s now the de facto nominee.   In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos yesterday that was filled with lies and mischaracterizations of his opponent, Cruz only needed seventeen seconds to claim that, “We’ve now won four states in a row.”  This was an attempt to convince voters that he had unstoppable momentum going forward.  There was only one problem with Cruz’s claim it was a bald-faced lie.


Donald Trump and Cruz have split the last for primaries, each having won two.  In the six contests immediately prior to those Trump won five of them and John Kasich took his home state of Ohio.


No matter how the Texas senator parses these facts, he’s only won two of the previous 10 primaries falling an additional 160 delegates behind the frontrunner.


Cruz has to go back to March 8th, a month ago, to find the four victories he claimed he had in a row.  During that time Trump has beaten him in 10 contests.


One is left to wonder what Cruz will find to crow about after he gets stomped in the six Northeast states that are next up.  They are all winner-take-all or winner-take-most primaries and Cruz is averaging a paltry 17% support among them.  So much for the “broad coalition” he claims to be building.  Cruz’s idea of a broad coalition is getting the endorsements of Mark Levin, Jeb Bush and a roomful of pastors.


It’s become clear that the more Cruz and the establishment rush to embrace each other, the more he becomes one of them.


Lyin’ Ted holds the bible high, then puts it down and tells a lie.