Ted Cruz Is A Sniveling Ratf*cker

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz has spent his entire campaign hiding behind the operatives who do his dirty work.  From “voter report cards” to robo calls lying about Ben Carson.  He always disavows any knowledge of his “volunteers” underhanded tactics but heads never roll.

Now the truth about the Facebook ad that ran a compromising picture of Melania Trump and was paid for by the super PAC, Make America Awesome, under the direction of Liz Mair can be told.  And, it implicates Cruz’s involvement in a big way leaving him hiding behind the apron strings of Carly Fiorina.

Fiorina has been working for the Cruz campaign since dropping her own quest for the Republican nomination.  That’s legit but here’s where things start to smell.  Her super PAC, Carly For America was the recipient of $500,000 from…Keep The Promise, a Ted Cruz super PAC.  That would be strange on its own but then there’s the link between Fiorina and the anti-Trump PAC that was established when it was discovered that Fiorina’s PAC, Carly For America and Make America Awesome share the same P.O. box – 26141 in Alexandria.

Coordination between campaigns and super PACs is expressly forbidden under FEC rules and there’s enough evidence of collusion here for a full-blown investigation by the FEC.  Why is the mainstream media silent over this while they obsessed over a retaliatory tweet from Donald Trump?  Maybe establishment Ted can answer that question.

Carly Fiorina and Mr. Pious, Ted Cruz have a lot of explaining to do.  More and more Ted Cruz is proving to be the sniveling ratf*cker that he accused Donald Trump of being.