Ted Cruz is Right About New York City Values

When Ted Cruz highlighted Donald Trump’s “New York” values he hit a raw nerve with New Yorkers who like to believe them selves to be intellectually and morally superior to the people of the heartland.  They’re free to hold themselves in high esteem if that suits their egos but they have little upon which to base their arrogance and their indignation towards Cruz in this instance.

The Summary of Vital Statistics 2013 The City of New York report on Pregnancy Outcomes paints an ugly picture of New Yorkers irreverence for life that is totally out of touch with the values held by those living in the heartland.

Citywide in 2013 New Yorkers chose to abort 38.8 percent of their pregnancies.  That number is even higher in Manhattan where 41.4 percent of pregnancies were prematurely terminated by abortion.  These numbers are at least double the nation’s average and many times greater than in our heartland.

Even more astonishing is the abortion rate among Black New Yorkers who terminate almost 55% of their pregnancies.  Read that again, Blacks kill more of their children than they allow to be born. 


Perhaps this doubles for highbrow intellectualism in New York City but for more than half of the nation it is murder and genocide and Cruz has every right, even an obligation to his constituents to highlight his difference with Trump on this issue. 

When four out of every ten women choose abortion, either rape and incest is rampant in New York, or terminating life has become a convenience.  Either way New Yorkers cannot be proud of these numbers that exposes a cultural rot in the way they view the gift of life. 

This is an especially slippery slope to be standing on for a society that is facing skyrocketing medical costs under Obamacare and that will soon be faced with their government being forced to decide who does and doesn’t receive treatment.

It may shock New Yorkers to know that their views are outside those of mainstream Americans 55% percent of whom want all or most abortions made illegal.  Trump may have scored points with his snappy comeback citing heroic New Yorkers’ efforts on 9/11 but Cruz wins the argument.