Ted Cruz: Lacking Fundamental Christian Decency

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign has been beset by a series of controversial actions committed by people associated with him and whom he has consistently refused to disavow.  If this is what passes for Mr. Cruz’s management style then he has much in common with Hillary Clinton who sends her minions out to damage her opponents only to throw them overboard if the blowback becomes to intense.

First there was the mailer to Iowans paid for by Mr. Cruz’s campaign that was labeled “Voter Violation, ”that misrepresents the role of my office, and worse, misrepresents Iowa election law,” according to Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate.

When confronted by reporters Mr. Cruz fired back, “I will apologize to nobody for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out to vote.”  This would have been fair enough had Mr. Cruz not followed up with a consistent string of less than honorable tactics as the race moved forward.

Before that controversy was cold, the Cruz campaign followed it with robo calls telling Iowa’s voters that Dr. Ben Carson had suspended his campaign and instructing them to caucus for Ted Cruz.  Dr. Carson underperformed his poll numbers that night while Senator Cruz greatly over-performed his, allowing him to finish ahead of Donald Trump.  Such is Cruz’s vaunted ground, based on lies and misinformation. 

Explaining why he was doing nothing to stop these kinds of deceitful actions Cruz said that he had neither the means nor the desire to monitor the 200,000 volunteers who were working on his campaign.  How does this square with Mr. Cruz’s pursuit of the presidency that, if successful, would find him in charge with the management of 20 million people?  If he admits that he cannot properly oversee the behavior of 200,000 people who hang on his every word how can he profess to be able to properly manage one hundred times as many employees, many who have views in direct opposition to Mr. Cruz.

Then there’s Mr. Cruz’s spurious association with Glenn Beck who has proven to be the worst kind of charlatan preacher imaginable.  Not content at simply denigrating Donald Trump, he appointed himself the universal judge of divinity by accusing Evangelical Christians who supported Donald Trump of “not listening to their God.”  This is certain to help Mr. Cruz with God-fearing Democrats were he to make it to the general election in November.

Mr. Beck, presumably under orders from the one true God, had previously attacked Mr. Trump’s wife Melania for a modeling session that he found necessary to characterize as “posing nude in lesbian porno shots.”  It was a photo shoot for GQ.  Mrs. Trump has since left her modeling career behind and become a mother. 

Mr. Cruz’s continued acceptance of Glenn Beck’s support is no different than Barack Obama’s unwillingness to distance himself from his divisive supporters that included Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayres or Al Sharpton.

Finally we come to the most despicable Liz Mair who directs the anti-Trump super PAC, Make America Awesome.  Under Mair’s direction, the PAC ran Facebook advertising in Utah with a photo of Mr. Trump’s wife from the cover of GQ accompanied by the words “meet Melania Trump, your next first lady.  Or, you could vote for Trump.”

When Mr. Trump reacted in defense of his wife (as any Alpha male should do,) Mr. Cruz did not disavow the ad.  He chose to hide behind the fact that the law says super PAC’s cannot coordinate with any candidate’s campaigns as a way of distancing himself from the controversy.  Only fools think that any real separation exists between the super PAC’s and campaigns but, for the sake of argument, let’s assume Mr. Cruz really did have no knowledge of the ad before it was released.  There was still an opportunity after its release to repudiate its content. 

Mr. Cruz’s refusal to distance himself from such “slut shaming” far surpasses any alleged war on women that Donald Trump is supposedly conducting.

Ted Cruz has had ample opportunity so far during the course of this campaign to show himself to be above board and honorable.  Interestingly, when he has failed to engage in these underhanded political schemes he finds himself trailing Mr. Trump by double digits.  So he resorts to having others perform morally reprehensible acts in order to bolster his support among the worst flank of his party’s rank and file.  This is the same behavior that has left a trail of people, from his college roommate to prior business associates to his colleagues in the Senate, who consistently find a single word to describe Mr. Cruz, “nasty.”

Mr. Cruz, who consistently falls back on his adherence to Christian teachings, must’ve been absent from the sermon that teaches us, “A man shall be known by the company he keeps.”  At least that’s what he’d like us to believe.