TED CRUZ Stood Up For BIBLICAL MARRIAGE On The ‘Late Show’, Then The Audience Does THIS … Unbelievable.

VIA| In an interview on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Ted Cruz earned some vicious boo’s and crude remarks while talking about gay marriage and what our constitution says.

Ted Cruz has been slowly growing in popularity among the Republican party. The Texas-born senator is known for being widely conservative and not stooping to the media’s level of insult and misdirection.

On the show, Cruz was asked about his feelings on gay marriage, but instead of falling into the media ‘trap’, he explained that ultimately it shouldn’t be left up to him or the Supreme Court, but up to the people.

“I believe in democracy… I don’t think we should entrust governing our society to five unelected lawyers in Washington. Why would you possibly hand over the rights of 320 million Americans to five lawyers in Washington to say, ‘We’re going to decide the rules to govern you.’ If you want to win an issue, go to the ballot box and win at the ballot box.”

Ted Cruz dropped some hard truths about the constitution and democracy concerning all issues. Liberals however are blinded to just one issue, gay marriage. They refuse to see the big picture.

Watch an excerpt from the interview here.

Do you think our democracy should be left up to the Supreme Court – – who are unelected?