Ted Cruz: The Elite’s Chosen Loser

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz welcomed the endorsement from Jeb Bush earlier this week with these words, “It’s interesting the last ten days we’ve been endorsed by Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Mike Lee and Mark Levin, now you want to talk about the broad spectrum of the Republican party —that is the entire ideological spectrum. And what we’re seeing is Republicans uniting behind” [us.]

Nice spin Mr. Cruz, but aren’t you now aligned with the same elites you claim to be so stridently against?  And, haven’t you joined a club that includes Mitt Romney and John McCain?

Mr. Cruz would have us believe that is a good thing in spite of the fact that his support to date has come from those who saw him as an “outsider.”  Mr. Cruz was able to dismiss his early career association with the Bush administration as a thing of his past and, perhaps, a right of passage.  As summarized by the National Review:

“Cruz spent a good portion of his early career working for President George W. Bush — first as a legal policy adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, then as part of the recount team in Florida. He was the Department of Justice coordinator for the Bush-Cheney transition team and then spent six months as Associate Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ. But his longest stretch of work for Bush was at the Federal Trade Commission, before he departed to become the Solicitor General of Texas. “

We were all prepared to put this in the past chalking it up to the youthful need to get one’s foot in the door.  But, now he has welcomed Neil Bush to his team as a major fundraiser and that was followed by Jeb Bush’s endorsement.  Mr. Cruz is raising the question as to whether if you’re an establishment tool once are you’re forever an establishment tool. 

As far as establishment stooge Mitt Romney’s endorsement is concerned, Mr. Cruz was his third choice during that same ten-day period.

Then there’s Mark Levin who used his radio show to endorse Orrin Hatch’s re-election bid in 2012.  The reason should warm the hearts of Democrats; Hatch blamed his sorry liberal voting record on, get ready, George Bush.  Now Hatch is preparing to support Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

So Mr. Cruz’s insistence on telling us that the “entire ideological spectrum” is supporting him then he’ll have to explain why Donald Trump has gotten 3,000,000 more votes than he has while competing against him in such politically divergent states as New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, Arizona and Mississippi?  Perhaps he can explain why Trump is attracting Democrats and Independents and why the party’s elites are finding comfort in coalescing around the thin slice of the neocon spectrum that he has carved out for himself.

Ted Cruz is making it more obvious every day that if he ever was truly an outsider he no longer is. 

Mr. Cruz is too vain to accept the fact that the Elites have not coalesced around him instead of Donald because they believe he can win, it’s because they trust he can’t.  The fact that they flocked to Mr. Cruz almost immediately after their declaration that they’d vote for Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump should’ve tipped everyone off.

Mr. Cruz’s stridency against abortion and homosexual “rights” will make him unelectable in a general election where most Americans are Libertarian on such issues.  The Republican Party’s Elites are just fine with that just as they were fine with running losers John McCain and Mitt Romney and throwing the past two elections rather than be the ones to take the blame for the excessive crony capitalism that has taken place.

It should not go without notice that by surrendering the presidency to Barack Obama, Republicans have gained 69 seats in the House and 13 seats in the Senate.  With results like that why would they want to win the White House?

This may make Glenn Beck correct when he calls Ted Cruz the “chosen” one.  Chosen to lose.