Ted Cruz Trashed Trump On The Kelly File Last Night…WHOA!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – I’ll start by saying I admired Ted Cruz for his defense of the Constitution during his time in the U.S. Senate and believed him to be a solid candidate to be our next president when he threw his hat in the ring.  However, now that the hot lights of the presidential campaign are shining on him, we are seeing a side of Mr. Cruz that suggests his instincts make him more prone to be an opportunistic attack dog and less of a thoughtful leader in possession of the strength of character that the times demand.

Last night Mr. Cruz was a guest on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” where he took the opportunity to attack Donald Trump, “Well, listen, no one should be surprised that Donald Trump is trying to stir up riots. I wish we had a presidential candidate that bringing us together instead of encouraging such things.”

In only two sentences Mr. Cruz displayed his willingness to embrace a false dialogue as long as it will advance his presidential aspirations.  That should disqualify him from further consideration for the Republican nomination if only because a direct and truthful discussion with the American people is the only thing that will suffice in addressing the many problems facing our country following twenty-seven years of movement towards surrender to globalist rule and the hijacking of our ability to debate this singularly important issue due to the restrictions of politically correct speech. 

It’s become Mr. Cruz’s modus operandi to seize upon his opponents words and then contort both their meaning and the context in which they were said in order to mischaracterize the speaker’s intent.  Mr. Cruz’s desire to tie Mr. Trump to the civil unrest that is following his appearances is despicable and smacks of opportunism.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the agitators disrupting Donald Trump’s rallies have been professionally organized by over a dozen distinct radical leftist groups and funded by open-borders billionaire globalists who seek the end to American sovereignty, Mr. Cruz has used the narrative of the mainstream media to pile on Mr. Trump.

Mr. Cruz knows that both the radicalized agitators and the mainstream media are coordinated under the direction of the billionaires who fund the former and own the latter yet he chooses to distort the dialogue because it may benefit him in the short term.

Mr. Cruz also knows that Donald Trump has been running interference for him.  If Mr. Trump were to suddenly exit this race there is absolutely no doubt that Mr. Cruz would immediately become the focus of these radical and violent groups.

More telling is the realization that it’s Mr. Cruz, himself, who is the candidate that is dividing the Republican base by selfishly seizing the narrative of the mainstream media to ostracize his opponent.  He well knows that the mainstream media is the enemy of the party he seeks to head.   

The conservative elites have overwhelmingly aligned behind Mr. Cruz comparing him with Ronald Reagan.  What these neocons don’t want us to know when they make this comparison is Mr. Cruz’s distinctly different personality from Mr. Reagan and his desire to continue the legacy of U.S. military involvement in Middle East wars.

Mr. Reagan rebuilt America’s military to the degree that we were not called upon to use it in any significant manner during his tenure.  This is the course that Donald Trump has advocated taking along with his desire to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mr. Cruz telegraphed his plan to use force rather than diplomacy when he chastised Mr. Trump for trying to stay neutral between the two sides in order to attempt to broker a deal.  This make placate his neocon supporters who feed the military-industrial complex with out tax dollars but should be particularly alarming to the rest of us who realize that this amounts to an implicit declaration that he has no intentions of even attempting to seek concessions in the name of an enduring peace.

Mr. Trump characterized a potential deal thusly, “That’s probably the toughest deal in the world right now to make.  It’s possible it’s not makeable because, don’t forget, it has to last.

“Let me be sort of a neutral guy.  I have friends of mine that are tremendous business people that are really great negotiators they say it’s not doable.

“You understand a lot of people have gone down in flames trying to make that deal. So I don’t want to say whose fault it is — I don’t think that helps.”

It’s left up the reader to decide which position is more statesmanlike.  If Mr. Cruz doesn’t see the wisdom in Mr. Trump’s posture then he has rendered fruitless any potential negotiation that he, himself, might undertake in this regard.  It smacks of the divisiveness that he accused Mr. Trump of rather than the temperament required of a statesman. 

Even more enlightening is the light this has shone on Mr. Cruz.  Mr. Cruz has taken to criticizing Donald Trump for suggesting he might be able to negotiate with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  Ronald Reagan negotiated the end of the Soviet Union’s policies of expansionism and tyranny with Mikhail Gorbachev and, in the process, re-established the freedom of Eastern Europe without using the military. 

Ted Cruz is no Ronald Reagan.